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Protectapet provide a link to Pet Clubs and Pet Associations in Spain and Europe on our Website, Protectapet are doing all they can to encourage the use of the local Pet Clubs and Pet Associations in Spain and Europe by providing the Free Directory listings on this Website whereby all Pet Clubs and Pet Associations in Spain and Europe, can join for FREE so that Website visitors and our existing clients can easily find Pet Clubs and Associations that are nearest to their own location.

How it will help you.

Most Dog Clubs and Pet Associations in Spain are animal lovers and as such they may have areas where pet owners, young and old, can meet and have something in common, usually a dog. They love their dogs, care about their health and welfare, enjoy their company, jog with them, spend time walking them, take them to the park, travel with them and treat them as part of the family.


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Kennel Clubs, Dog Clubs & Catteries.

Kennel Clubs, Dog Clubs, Catteries and speciality clubs are also listed as some dog owners like to be specific about showing their dog or a specific breed and want to advance their own knowledge of a specific breed whether for showing or breeding purposes. Some work solely for and within a specific breed club.

Agility and basic training.

Some dog clubs in Spain and Europe are specifically for agility, basic training and a whole host of specialised programs for a variety of dog breeds.
Kennel, breed, obedience and performance clubs can often provide suitable surroundings for the local community by offering dog training, advise to owners with problem dogs, demonstrating responsible dog ownership and advising on breeding and breeders.

Fun for all the family.

It is also a fun way for kids to learn about animals and pets in Spain and Europe, watching obedience classes gives them an appreciation that pets are not just play things but that they also need to be trained.
Many Pet Clubs and Associations may provide dog owner´s guides or offer a series of training courses or behavioural courses which are great for kids and adults, providing maximum enjoyment and fulfilment during the period of owning a pet.
All Pet and Dog Clubs operate to their own specific needs. Some run dog shows, competitions, training days, social events and many charity fund-raisers for pets and dogs in Spain.

Some of the advantages of a Protectapet Pet Healthcare Plans are:-

Unlike many types of Pet Insurance in Spain and Europe, Protectapet, as Spain´s leading Pet Healthcare provider and the first to provide such services in Spain for Expats, these comprehensive policies are value for money and provide the cover needed for Expats living in Spain and Europe with Pets.

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Immediate accident and emergency protection.

Prices are fixed for the lifetime of your pet.

Use any Veterinarian of your choice.

Unlimited number of claims.

Any breed or age accepted.

No price Increases for older pets.

European and International Healthcare available.

Policies are in English.

Accidental Death cover.

Advertising and Reward scheme.

Vets fees and medication.

Loss from theft or straying.

Loss of pet passport.

Easy Payment terms – Monthly or Annual

Money back guarantee.

The benefits of Joining the free directory listings for Pet Clubs, Dog Clubs and Associations in Spain and Europe.

Protectapet can help YOUR Pet Club or Association be seen by 1,000´s of potential pet owners throughout Spain and Europe. Protectapet can only help you if you register your business. It is a totally FREE of charge and will help our pet clients and those pet owners looking for Pet Clubs and Associations in Spain, and the rest of Europe, to locate your services and contact you.

Protectapet, the European Pet Healthcare Management Organisation, already Spain´s leading pet healthcare provider, offers FREE REGISTRATION for all Pet or Dog Clubs and Associations based in Spain and Europe.  

Protectapet aspire to improve and advance the welfare of pets and animals throughout Europe. Protectapet have always been an advocate for the advancement and improvement of healthcare for pets and animals and this service will provide a locator service for those Dog Clubs, Cat Clubs and Pet Associations in Europe in the hope that more pet and animal lovers and owners will use their services.

So if you have a Dog Club, Cat Club, Cat Association or Cat Club, anywhere in Europe, please register with us, FREE of charge so that we can automatically include you in our updates.

By registering you will receive a location slot in your local area of operations with the details of your Club or Association, your contact telephone number, contact person details, your email address and a direct link to your Website.
Protectapet will endeavour to keep your link and details updated on an annual basis and if, for any reason your details do change, please let us know and we will update your details.

Important note:
Protectapet are providing these free directory search services purely as a service and do not make any specific recommendations as to the integrity or legality of any service offered by any Pet Club, Dog Club or Association in Spain. It is the responsibility of the owner of the pet to decide if using one of the services on any of our Free Directory listings is the most suitable option. have displayed a search mechanism on the Website purely as a reference tool.

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