Lobster Mobile - The all English mobile sim card service in Spain for Expats and holidaymakers.

Lobster Mobile Spain

Lobster Mobile Spain Free calls to Spain & U.K

Lobster are a Spanish company that took a couple of years to set up in Spain and offer a very simple and efficient mobile phone sim card service that is so easy to set up. You can join in an instant, no reams of paperwork or complex forms to fill in. 

If you are looking for that simple and affordable mobile phone service that gets you a fixed monthly fee for free calls, text and messaging, with a good allocation of data, you can choose the Lobster plan to suit you.

With Lobster mobile plans you can cancel at any time, put it on hold, upgrade or downgrade your plan whenever you need more or less data. No contracts to cancel.     


It is that simple. Lobster have taken the headache out of transferring your existing mobile phone provider, or they can issue you a completely new Spanish telephone number. Whatever you chose, they will do it all for you-in English.

Not all mobile phone operators in Spain can offer you much in the way of a service in English. Lobster have created a unique company, specifically to provide the Expat market with a sensible, low cost alternative to any of the Spanish companies in Spain. Their low cost data plans give you plenty of choice. 

Protectapet have been using Lobster for a while now and we like what we have been getting and if we can help our thousands of Pet owners with a great deal, then we will. We are happy to recommend them.




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