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Good pets don't have to be a pedigree.

If you are looking for a wonderful pet and you are not too bothered that it be a 'pedigree' then the best place to look is in some of the dog pounds, animal shelters and animal and pet charities that are scattered around Spain and Europe. There are literally hundreds of them and a quick search on the Internet may result in finding the perfect pet for you.

The benefits of owning a pet are awesome. 

Pet insurance in spain protectapet dog pounds and animal charities

Pets from dog pounds and charities are usually given away free provided you are going to give the pet dog or cat a good home and that you are going to care for it responsibly. By taking a rescue cat or dog you are probably saving it's life.

Protectapet have provided a Free listing Directory for all Pet Charities and Pet Clubs and Organisations. Click here to register your Pet Charity, Club or Organisation. 

Protectapet are specialists in Healthcare plans for Dogs, Cats and Horses, and provide these in a bid to improve animal husbandry and care for pets whether they be lost, strays, bred for the purpose or just abandoned. We do not discriminate as to the age or breed of cat or dog, big or small, even if it is classified as dangerous and we apply the same generous terms and conditions to all of them.  So if you do have a pet from a dog pound, cats home, a shelter, a charity or a stray, they are all loved by us. 

What do animal charities do ?

Animal and pet charities, including many animal rescue centres, range from large organisations to small, individual, privately owned and operated organisations with the intention of providing a home and shelter for stray, lost or abandoned animals. Many will be involved in some kind of animal welfare and often they will rely on volunteers and donations to help them. 

Some work with specific breeds or a specific species, all in an attempt to improve the welfare of these animals and rarely for profit. Unfortunately there are always those that are in it for profit, but on the whole, we believe it is for the benefit of these animals. 

Some charities concentrate on animal habitat conservation as areas of deforestation removes their places to live and roam freely. The encroachment of humankind in many areas creates great concern for animal habitats in the modern world. Rescue charities provide rescue care for any pets or wildlife to provide emergency care for injured or stranded and lost pets. 

Support for Animal Charities. 

protectapet free directory listing for animal charities dog pounds and rescue centresYou can support any of the animal charities of your choice by making a donation, volunteering your time and effort, campaigning for them and supporting their cause can be very rewarding, for you, your children and most of all, to the poor animals that has been rescued. 

Getting a paid, full time job with charities is possible, as more and more seek more permanent members to help in this field. 

In the UK, it was reported by the Mirror that 'Bequests to animal charities beat donations to human causes' and that donations bequeathed to animals 'dwarfed' those going to abused and vulnerable children. However, the Charities Aid Foundation which surveys people about their donations, found that in 2014 only 7% of the amount people donated, went to animal charities. 

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Adopting a dog or pet and what to do first.

Think about where your dog or pet is going to spend most of it`s time, bearing in mind that cleaning up after your pet will be something that happens to start with if your pet is young. Your pet  may not be house trained and be very shy and nervous and under a lot of stress.  A kitchen can be a good starting point if the floors are easy to clean until your pet gets used to you and your home. 

Transporting your pet.

Is your pet used to being moved, being in a car, crated? Some people consider crating a pet cruel, but they can be both good for training and owner. Once your pet gets used to a transportation crate, these can be a useful item when taking your dog any distance in a vehicle. It will also teach your pet some bladder control and restricts the amount of teething. The pet also stands a better chance of survival if it is in a crate and involved in a vehicle accident. Dogs in crates are welcome at some hotels and public areas, and when crated, once they have got used to it, will feel protected because it is in it's own space. There are a large variety of crates for all dog sizes, so make sure you chose one big enough for when the pet grows up, otherwise you will be buying a bigger one later. They should be able to comfortably move around, stand up, stretch and lie down and perhaps play with a small toy or chewier thing. 

How long in the crate?

Rule of thumb is that your pet should not be in a crate for more than an hour for each month of age up to a maximum of 8-10 hours. In my personal view, the more a pet is allowed out of the crate, the better. Ensure there is enough food and water at all times. 

If you plan to leave your pet in a crate for any length of time, bear in mind that the pet may soil the crate and will need enough room to lie down in a clean, dry area afterwards. 

Pet proof the area. You may find it necessary to ensure that your pet can't get into cupboards, hide dangerous chemicals away, move or secure any electrical cables and clothing, shoes, potted plants, carpets and breakables, etc. Provide a feeding and water area, that your pet can get to easily. 

Tips that might help you.