Pet transportation in Spain is now a national business. Pets are being transported all over Europe by specialised pet Transportation companies and their business is growing. Pet owners are moving back to the UK, working from home in better locations and rather than take their pets with them, possibly because they don’t want to drive, the drive is too long or they just don’t have the time to deal with it, they get pet transport companies to take care of and deliver their pets to their door.

Pet transportation companies require the requisite licenses and offer a personal transportation service for your pets. The license to operate from the UK and throughout Europe is a class 2 license, long distance basis.


The vehicles they use are designed specifically for transporting pets and pet transporters need to hold both the 'Autorización para los Transportistas' (Animal Transporter Authorisation) and the 'Certificado de Aprobación de los Medios de Transporte' (Vehicle Authorisation Permit) which are legal requirements, according to EU legislation. This ensures validity of the insurance policy which also includes a comprehensive pet insurance and public-liability cover.

The department of Agriculture and rural development guidance notes state that from the 5th of January 2007, transporting any live vertebrate animals inside the European Union on journeys of over 65 kilometres (approximately 40 miles), as part of an economic activity, must hold a valid Authorisation to do so. This is a requirement of EC Regulation 1/2005 (subsequently referred to as ‘the Regulation’) which came into force on that date and is applicable across the European Union.

There are two types of Authorisations:

A Short journey Authorisation (Type 1) for journeys over 65 km and up to and including 8 hours duration.

A Long journey Authorisation (Type 2) which covers both long and short journeys.

Transporters must carry either their Authorisation Certificate or a copy of it whenever transporting animals.



Pet transportation liability insurance is also required and depending on the type of vehicle insurance contracted can include pet liability in the policy.

Pet transportation and pet business insurance as well as pet insurance or contracting one of our European Pet Travel policies will cover your pet for emergency treatments and accidents during transportation.

Our European Pet Travel cover also gives you the option of travelling with your pets on holiday and can be for a specific or specified period or for the duration of your holiday.  European pet travel plans are available for up to 180 days, and arrangements can be made to provide longer term policies if you are expected to be away for more than 6 months.

These Pet Travel policies a very affordable and can be used to cover your pet, even if being transported by others, or companies that might not have any specific cover for the animals they transport. Liability insurance will not cover any accidents or emergencies that may occur to your pet, unless the vehicle that they are being transported in, is involved in a road traffic accident.

you do not need to have a Protectapet Diamond Plan policy to take out this cover as they are available for those that do not have a pet insurance policy.

Those with the Protectapet Diamond Plan policy will get reduced rates for being an existing Protectapet policy holder.

Pet transportation and pet taxi insurance in Spain

Insurance for cars and vans in Spain 

get the best from your insurance company. By using us, we can help save you money by providing you with the right Vehicle insurance, whether it be for Pet Transportation or Pet Taxi services, or if you have a company, a fleet of cars, hire cars, British registered vehicles, cars and vans, we can insure them all  and  include breakdown and recovery anywhere in Europe. 

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