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Relocating your pet. 

Whether you are moving house, going on holiday or relocating to another country, transporting your pet will be one of the most important things to consider. 

Protectapet do provide a Travel Healthcare Plan whether you and/or your pet are travelling by land, sea or air to your destination. Our Pet Healthcare policies can also cover you for travelling around Europe with your pet. 

There are a number of pet transport companies in Spain and it is important to ensure that the pet transportation company you use has both the ‘Animal transportation Licence’ and the ‘vehicle authorisation permit’. Always ask to see these documents and make sure they are valid. These two documents will prove that they have a valid insurance policy with comprehensive pet insurance and public liability cover.

Many pet transport companies in Spain will offer a personalised service, often door to door, which can also enable you to accompany your pet on the journey. If you don´t want to accompany your pet and want to send them on ahead to your destination or after your arrival, the pet transport companies can usually arrange everything for you.

What to look for when transporting your pet by road.

travel insurance for pets in europe and worldwideMake sure that the vehicle is suitable for your pet and that they have air-conditioning and/or an electric airflow system.

Make sure that your pet has a suitable travel compartment, is comfortable and big enough for the journey.

If you are using a regular pet transport company, ask to see the vehicle and make sure that it is clean and disinfected after each trip. Foul smells and lingering stains and rubbish will alert you to the type of cleanliness your pet will travel in.

Ask them for their routine stopping places and what periods they use for breaks, feeding and animal walks. If they are completing a long journey, be sure to ask where they will be kept overnight. Being left in a vehicle at night can be very stressful for your pet.

Ask if they provide Face time and or video updates. Some Transport companies will post regular updates either to their Facebook pages or directly to you, to give you peace of mind.

Remember to ensure that all your pet passports, inoculations, vaccinations, Vet checks and documentation are completed and up to date before you travel. Make copies of these documents incase the originals are lost. 

If your pet is travelling by Air Travel to another country, Pet Travel companies will either arrange collection of your pet and handle everything from crating to delivery at the destination, or expect you to arrive at the airport some hours before departure with your pets.

 Protectapet's recommended Pet Transport Companies in Spain. 

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In Europe where quarantine rules have been relaxed to allow for the free movement of pets within Europe, quarantine is no longer required. However, this is not the case if your pet is travelling outside of Europe and you must give yourself plenty of time before hand to sort out any legal requirements. Some countries can take months to offer sanctuary and or the correct documentation for your pets.

Pet air travel companies.

Pet Air travel companies can also offer you kennel and boarding services at either end, so that if you are not going to be there when your pet arrives, it will be safe and secure in a recommended Kennel or cattery for as long as you need it to be. Animals travelling by Air require a suitable travel box. These are often supplied by the Pet Transport Company as either tailor made to suit the size of your pet and meet IATA guidelines. Plastic travel boxes are available in a variety of sizes that are often suitable for air travel.

You can often carry your pet with you on the aircraft. Be aware that the documentation can take time and it is best to plan well ahead of your expected departure date and allow time for the collection and delivery of documents, crates, insurance, veterinary certificates and to fulfil any obligations that might be required by the country you are flying to.

Protectapet can provide you with A pet travel policy that will cover you for the period your pet leaves home to the moment the pet arrives at the destination.


There are a lot of PET transport Companies offering 'cheap' unaccompanied transportation of pets by road within Europe. Some copy websites and details of approved, licenced and accredited companies. Do check their documentation and if you can, visit them and have a look at their vehicles. This will give you an immediate indication of the type and quality of service that they do offer.



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