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PROTECTAPET, are the only Pet Healthcare Company that can offer you this unique PET TRAVEL COVER. This plan has been designed by the Protectapet team to provide pet lovers and owners with the facility to protect their valuable pets whilst on holiday, in transit, in quarantine or whilst travelling by land, sea or air. It is the only one of it's kind in the world! (That we know of).

Protectapet do provide an option to include European Pet travel cover when you take out any of our Pet Healthcare Plans  With this unique cover, your pet is protected wherever you travel within Europe. 

When our pets are taken away from us and put into the care of transport companies or individuals we do not know or have never used before, we place our trust in those companies, in that they will keep our pets safe but we still worry about them. When moving country or immigrating to another country, our pets can be out of contact for many days and if anything were to happen, whether your pet became ill or had an injury or accident, we would all want immediate action taken to alleviate the problem without worrying about the costs involved.

The best selling pet travel insurance for pets in SpainWe may just get in the car and travel to our destination over a period of a few days, weeks or months. With a Protectapet Travel Cover plan you will not need to worry about accidents, illnesses and emergencies during your holiday or during the journey there and back. You may be a foot passenger on a ferry crossing or flying with your pet. Don´t worry any more as we will protect your pet wherever you are. 

As travel plans are unique to each individual case, each quotation will be based on the information you submit relating to your pets journey, holiday or transportation method. In the event of a claim, you will need to produce a certificate that is dated no more than 30 days prior to your date of travel, certifying that your pet is in good health and is fit to travel.

Protectapet Pet Travel Cover includes.-

  • Pet Travel anywhere, anytime.
  • Any breed, any age.
  • Use of any vet of your choice.
  • Accident, emergency and illness cover.
  • Boarding kennel and cattery fees.
  • Veterinary fees and medication.
  • Loss from theft or straying.
  • Loss of pet passport.
  • Emergency Pet repatriation, cremation and burial.
  • Death of the pet by accident.

Protectapet will cover your pet on holiday or in transit by land, air or sea, even if a third party is transporting your pet, for the period you request. Extensions are available if for some reason you or your pet, are delayed or you have not received your pet back into your custody.

Pet Travel anywhere, anytime.

We will cover your pet to and/or from any country worldwide.

Your pet will be covered as per the details you provide of the location and duration of your holiday, travel or transportation required for your pet, as specified on your documents. Any changes to your plans, whether a change of dates or length of time travelling or going on holiday, can be added prior to travelling.  In the event of the return journey being delayed, you will need to let us know, prior to your return. Any changes may require the payment of an additional premium.

We will not pay for Any claim resulting from any country not on the Pet Travel itinerary.

Any age or breed accepted.

-The best pet insurance plans in Spain by ProtectapetAny age or breed of pet is accepted.

We will not pay for any form of third party liability, however caused, in any country.



Use any Vet of your choice.

vet locator for expat owners in spain, cheap pet insurance in spain Protectapet understands that you and your pet may have your own preferences as to the vets you want to use and therefore you are not restricted in any way as to the vet you want to use.

We will not pay for any Veterinarian services in your country of residence before or after you travel. 

Accident and Emergency cover.

compare and quote the cheapest pet insurance rices in spain Protectapet will cover your pet for emergency treatment for any accident, emergency or illness that occurs within the period of cover as specified in the policy. The maximum we will pay for any accidental or emergency treatment is limited to 300.00 Euros.

We will not pay for any accident, illness or emergency prior to the date or time, before or after travel, as specified on the travel documents.

Boarding Kennel and Cattery Fees.

kennel fees in spain, cattery, pet insuranceIf you or your partner are hospitalised for more than 48 hours, Protectapet will pay the costs of boarding your pet at a licenced Kennel or Cattery in the country you have travelled to up to a maximum of 100.00€

We will not pay for any costs if you or your partner goes into hospital due to an injury or illness that first showed any sign of occurring before travel.

Any costs if you are pregnant or giving birth.

Any costs resulting from you going into hospital for the treatment of alcoholism, drug abuse, drug addiction, attempted suicide or any self inflicted injuries.

Veterinary Fees.

vets in spain, protectapet insurance for dogs in spain We will pay for any reasonable veterinarian fees for any treatment your pet receives for any accident, poisoning or emergency illness, in any country on route to or from your destination, during the period of cover, as specified in the policy documentation, up to a maximum of 300.00 €

We will not pay for any costs resulting from any treatment for an emergency, injury or illness, first occurring or showing clinical signs before the day of travel, or that appears or shows signs during the period of travel.

Any costs that are not directly related to the emergency illness or injury being treated.

Any costs if the treatment does not have a diagnosis.

Any costs for treatments outside the period of cover.

Any costs of treating an injury deliberately caused by you or anyone living or travelling with you, or known by you. 

Loss or theft of the pet.

Protectapet will pay a maximum of 200.00€ towards the advertising or reward offered for the recovery of the pet in the event that the pet is lost during transit or on holiday.

loss from theft or straying, Spanish pet insurance quote.

We will not pay for any claim if the pet is lost due to negligence, by yourself or any third party associated with you or your trip, or if the pet has been deliberately released.  In the event of the theft of your pet, you will be required to produce a police report confirming the details of the loss or theft of the pet. If the pet is found or returns, you must repay the full amount that we have paid to you.

As soon as you discover that your pet has gone missing you must.

  1. Notify the local police or the relevant authority and ask for a police report, stating the reference number and/or obtain a copy of the report.
  2. Notify all of the Vets within a reasonable distance of the area where your pet was last seen.
  3. Request and complete a claim form and send it to us if the pet has not been found or has not returned within 30 days.

Loss and/or theft of Pet passports and documentation. 

pet passport replacement, best pet insurance in spain Protectapet will cover the theft or loss of your pet documentation replacement costs up to a maximum of 100,00 €.

We will not pay for any documentation that has been damaged by use in a washing machine or where damage to the documentation, rendering it unusable, could have been avoided.



Emergency Repatriation, Cremation and burial.

accidental death benefit, pet insurance in gibraltar, portugal and spainIf your pet dies from an accident or from poisoning, Protectapet will pay the costs towards repatriation, cremation and/or burial in or to your country of residence, up to a maximum of 200.00€ Or, if your vet deems it necessary to put your pet to sleep as a result of an injury or poisoning that cannot be treated and if the vet believes that it was not humane to keep your pet alive because it was suffering.

We will not pay any costs if your pet should die of an illness during the period of cover.

Death of the Pet by accident.

In the event of the death of your pet from an accident or poisoning, and, if you can provide the original purchase receipt of your pet, we will pay the price you have paid for your pet, up to a maximum of 250.00€ if your pet dies from an injury, accident or poisoning sustained during the period of cover.

We will not pay any costs if your pet dies from an illness.


There is an excess of the first 25.00 € for administrative charges for any claim.

Specific exclusions.

  1. Once a policy has been contracted and the period of cover is in force, no refunds will be made for any reason, unless your pet dies or is undergoing treatment which means that your pet cannot travel.
  2. We will not pay for any injury or emergency treatment that first showed clinical signs before your pet’s cover started, or an injury or emergency illness that is caused by, or relates to, or results from an injury, illness or clinical sign your pet had before the cover started.
  3. Any illness, which is the same as, or has the same diagnosis as any previous illness or injury or treatment that your pet may have received in the past.
  4. Any cost of any treatment a vet would normally recommend to prevent any illnesses and injuries, including the treatment of fleas and any form of dermatitis.
  5. Any treatments for any accident or injury for more than a period of 30 days after the accident or injury first occurred.
  6. We will not pay more than the maximum benefit.
  7. Any loss caused by war, riot or terrorism, plague, revolution, sonic booms, or acts of God or similar event.

Claims Procedure.

Buy pet insurance online, Spanish pet insurance online,

Protectapet have an enviable reputation for their magnificent claims handling service. It's fast, efficient and friendly. In the event of a claim, you will need to produce a certificate that is dated no more than 30 days prior to your date of travel, certifying that your pet is in good health and is fit to travel. 

You shall give immediate notice in writing, by email, or by telephone to Protectapet S.L. of any event, which may give rise to a claim under the Protectapet Travel Healthcare Plan. Claims must be received within 30 days of the expiration of the policy.

Before making a claim you must ensure that the Vet or the person treating your pet is prepared to complete the claims form and provide invoices.  You must complete the claim form and ask the Vet to complete their part. We will not pay the vet to do this.  Protectapet will accept claims by email, or by post and you may also be required to send us the original invoices and payment slips.

Protectapet will endeavour to complete the claims process within 3 to 5 working days provided all the details on the claim form have been completed. Protectapet reserve the right to contact the vet treating your pet and to contact your regular vet in your own country that has treated your pet in the past, to obtain any information that we may deem necessary to settle a claim.

All claim payments will be made in Euros and claims made in other currencies will be converted to Euros at the commercial bank rate of the day, on the day the claim is settled.

You agree that any Vet has ythe right to provide usour permission to release any information requested of your pet by us. 

Reasonable Precautions.

You shall take all reasonable precautions.

(a) To prevent accidents, injury, disease or illness to your pet.

(b) To comply with all statutory obligations and regulations imposed by any authority within any of the countries being visited.

Misrepresentation or Fraud.

If you or your Veterinarian makes a false or exagerated calim, no payment will be made. Legal action may be taken against ythe Protectapet Travel Plan owner and/or the Veterinarian. If a claim is found to be in any respect fraudulent or if you use any fraudulent means or devices, or anyone acting on your behalf, to obtain any benefit under this Pet Travel Cover Plan then Protectapet reserve the right to take action against the person responsible.

Customer care policy.

If you have a problem:-

Whilst we will make every effort to maintain the highest of standards, we recognise that there may be some occasions when we fail to satisfy the particular requirements of our customers.  We therefore have in place procedures to investigate and remedy any area of concern.  In these circumstances please contact us.

By Post:-

Protectapet The European Pet Healthcare management Organisation S.L.

Apartado de Correos 42,

Benitachell.  03726.

Alicante.  Spain.

By email

Law Governing the Policy

The law of Spain shall apply unless otherwise agreed in writing by us. Any dispute or difference concerning liability under or interpretation of this Policy will be governed by and construed in accordance with Spanish law and you will submit any such dispute or difference to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Spanish Courts.


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