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OUR directory listing it is completely FREE  and will help you promote your ANIMAL RESCUE CENTER, DOG POUND OR ANIMAL CHARITY. 

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Providing a link.

Protectapet provide a link to as many animal Rescue Centres in Spain as we can find and register on our animal rescue centres page. If you know of any that are not listed, please complete the free registration section and we will be happy to add them to the rescue centres in Spain list.

Protectapet feel it is an important part of our society to aid, assist and support these vital animal shelters, rescue centres, animal charities and the many volunteers that spend a lot of their time looking after disadvantaged pets and abandoned animals in Spain and Europe.


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Encouraging the use of local rescue centres. are doing all they can to encourage the use of the local animal charities and shelters in Spain by providing this Free Directory listing on the website whereby all pet charities and animal shelters in Spain, and shortly Europe, can join for FREE so that website visitors and our existing clients can easily find the ones nearest to their own locations and offer their support.


Animal lovers.

As a lover of animals, living or taking a holiday in Spain you will soon become aware of the serious problem of abandoned animals, particularly cats and dogs that roam freely all over Spain. The local town halls have been very reluctant to contribute funds towards the welfare of these often abandoned and neglected pets that have been primarily cast out by their owners.


Abandoned pets.

You will often see and read about horrors that have occurred with puppies and kittens abandoned in or near basura (rubbish) bins. Often 5 or 6 kittens or puppies in a small closed cardboard box, starving and dying of thirst, rescued by a good Samaritan that has managed to save one or two of them due to their own diligence. In the late nineties, you would also often see packs of stray dogs roaming the towns and villages, pillaging for food. Cats would sit close by or on top of open bins, scavenging anything they could find to eat. Many people would supply food and water to these animals and often take them in to their own homes and offer them love and shelter.

Spanish pet insurance in English for people living in Spain and Europe.Over the years private individuals took it upon themselves to home and rehome these stray cats and dogs, offering to spend their own funds to take them to the veterinarians, with many veterinarians offering cut price discounts towards such animals in a bid to alleviate the problem.


Struggling dog shelters.

Even today, this is still a problem. Many cat and dog shelters, refuges, animal adoption groups and charities have been set up with private funds and then from support from the general public with events, fundraisers, shows and fates being used to make public awareness of the need for something to be done and to raise funds for those organisations that devote their time, money and effort to abandoned and un-cared for cats, dogs and donkeys.

Reports of Galgos, Spanish greyhound dogs, hanging from trees in Murcia and Andalucia abound after the hunting season has finished for the winter. The Galgueros, Spanish hunters, abandon their Galgos, the hunting greyhounds, by the thousands as they buy new ones the following September to use for hunting in the next season. These dogs are then left to fend for themselves.


Buying pets from pet shops.

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Many buy pets from open markets and shows, pet shops and unscrupulous dealers, only to find that they are aggressive, ill, or they just cant cope with the puppy or kitten once it has grown to full size. Many don’t sterilise their animals and puppies and kittens abound. These are the ones that are usually dispensed with by the bins or even in them. Once the animals have become tiresome or too expensive to feed and medicate, many will drive to another town or village and release the animal to fend for themselves.

Hence the need for all of those wonderful people that are continuing to persevere to provide space, help and love, medication and treatment, new homes and charity and time and effort, in a bid to help these poor and helpless creatures.


Supporting animal shelters.

cat breeders in spain, pet insurance for expats in spain in englishAt Protectapet we are firm believers in the work and support that these people offer our four legged friends and we are here to provide as much information as we can to you, visitors and professionals, to help their services grow.

So if you know of anyone that offers support for animals, is an animal charity, a refuge for animals, an animal centre, a dog pound, a cat centre, a rescue centre or anything or anyone that offers a service to animals, then please register them on this website. It is completely free of charge and may just help them in their hour of need.

Protectapet do provide cover for all cats and dogs, including all the dangerous ones and we do not differentiate between pedigrees and rescue cats and dogs, we cover them all. Please take the time to have a look at the plans we have available as they can provide your pet with comprehensive cover for accidents and emergencies, medical and veterinarian services, death, straying, your pet passport, and much more. Plus they will give you total peace of mind so that when and if you decide to adopt a stray cat or dog incidental veterinary bills and the cost of medication may be covered should an illness or accident happen.


There are many benefits of joining the rescue centres in Spain.

Protectapet can help YOUR rescue shelter, animal protection league, club, association, breeders, kennel or Cattery, groomers, behaviourists and trainers or anything associated with pets, cats and dogs in Spain.

Be seen by 1,000´s of potential pet owners throughout Spain and Europe. Protectapet can only help you if you register your pet or animal services. It is a totally FREE of charge service and will help our pet clients and those pet owners looking for your services in Spain, and the rest of Europe, locate you.

Protectapet, the European Pet Healthcare Management Organisation, Spain´s leading pet healthcare provider, offers FREE REGISTRATION for all animal and pet based clubs, associations, businesses, groomers, trainers veterinarians, kennels and catteries, horses and so much more in Spain.

Protectapet aspire to improve and advance the welfare of pets and animals in Spain. Protectapet have always been an advocate for the advancement and improvement of healthcare for pets and animals and this service will provide a locator service for al animal lovers in Spain in the hope that more pet and animal lovers and owners will use their services.

By registering you will receive a location slot in your local area of operations with the details of your services, your contact telephone numbers, contact person details, your email addresses and a direct link to your website.

Protectapet will endeavour to keep your link and details updated on an annual basis and if, for any reason your details do change, please let us know and we will update your details.





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Protectapet can help YOUR business be seen by thousands of Pet owners throughout Spain and Europe. Protectapet can only help you if you register your business. It is a totally FREE of charge service and will help our pet clients in Spain and the rest of Europe locate your services.

This section of our Website is designed to provide our Website visitors the ability to locate YOUR BUSINESSES and drive more people to your specilised services, and by finding YOU within their local area we are supporting you and hopefully improving animal welfare.


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Important note:
Protectapet are providing these free directory search services purely as a service and do not make any specific recommendations as to the integrity or legality of any service offered by any of the services listed. It is the responsibility of the owner of the pet to decide if using one of the services on any of our Free Directory listings is the most suitable option. have displayed a search mechanism on the website purely as a reference tool.

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