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Protectapet - claims and claim limits. 

Protectapet offer you the opportunity, with our Pet Healthcare Plans, to make as many claims as you need up to the maximum claims limit per claim up to the maximum available on your healthcare plan for the year. see your Protectapet healthcare plan terms and conditions for the available claim limits on your policy.

Each claim made against any Protectapet Healthcare Plan will carry an initial excess of € 50.

Do remember that you are required to inform Protectapet of any potential claim within 30 days of the incident occurring. 

Use our online claims form for your convenience. 

Continuation Claims

If it is a continuation claim,  and by that we mean a claim that is ongoing and your pet is receiving regular treatment or consultations for the same illness or disease, then you will only pay the excess of € 50 once, as it is classified as the same claim, whereby the treatment is deemed required over a period of time. 

For ongoing treatments or conditions, you can either submit a new claim each time you need to pay for the treatment, or wait until the treatment is completed and submit it all at once. 

We do appreciate that with some ongoing treatments, the costs can be high and that you would prefer to have interim payments as the treatment progresses. You can submit the claim details and payments you have made as often as required. 

No premium penalties. 

Unlike other pet insurance companies, Protectapet will NOT penalise you for making any number of claims on your policy, and we will NOT increase your renewal premiums.

Most, if not all Pet insurance companies will penalise you for making any claims on a pet insurance policy and will also increase your premiums at renewal. This is usually calculated at about 20% of the annual premium you pay. Bear in mind that all of our Protectapet Healthcare Plans have fixed premiums for life - guaranteeing that your premiums never go up, regardless of the number of claims you might make. 

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