Protectapet has been established in Spain since 1999 and are now Spain's leading Pet Healthcare providers for Expats living in Spain with their pets. Pet Insurance was not available in Spain at the time and Protectapet were the first to introduce the Healthcare plans for pets. With many Expats arriving from the United Kingdom and within Europe, Protectapet´s new Pet Healthcare plans have now become the norm for those that want to ensure that their pets have the protection they need.

Vets bills are not as high as in most other European countries, particularly the United Kingdom, but as more foreign Vets arrive to enjoy the sun and the good life, prices are rising rapidly. Protectapet, The European Pet Healthcare Management Organisation were the first to provide a product similar to Pet Insurance in Spain with their pet healthcare plans in Spain and Europe, and as such, are now the market leaders in this field.

What makes Protectapet unique:-

Protectapet are unique in the fact that they are the only company specialising solely in Pet healthcare policies in Spain and Europe and with our success, we have introduced our products in Portugal, Greece and Cyprus and are now entering into other European countries. This means that you deal with people that only specialise in pets, as pet lovers and owners, with Pet Healthcare plans that set the standard for others to follow. Protectapet are the leaders in Pet Healthcare Management in Europe.

Protectapet is operated and staffed by animal lovers that love what they do. A new breed of Pet Healthcare products have been tailored to suit the needs and requirements of the Expat community with pets in Europe.

Highly trained Pet Care professionals:-

All of Protectapet's staff are well trained and conversant in all aspects of their Pet healthcare products. They are attentive and what makes us unique is that we don't treat you as a number, you are all individual to us and we care deeply about you and your Pets

Quality and Service:-

Many have tried to copy the Protectapet Pet Healthcare range of products with our quality and service, at our enviable low premium, that is fixed for the life of your pet and never goes up regardless of the number of claims made. Protectapet are also the only company that will cover dogs and cats over the age of 10 years of age at no extra premiums when joining.

Our competitors premiums are higher for less cover for their Pet Insurance in Spain, often without any cover for Europe and with restrictions on what vets you can use. Their terms and conditions are very restrictive and complicated. Often, these competing Pet Insurance products are only available in Spanish and they offer very little in the way of support for pet owners and lovers as they are not specialists. We are! and we have been specialising in Pet Healthcare Plans in Spain since 1999.


As the leaders in Pet Healthcare Products in Spain, Protectapet are looking for the following to add to our expansion into Europe. These companies can add their products and services to our free directory listings and be found by thousands of clients and pet owners all over Europe to participate in our free directory listing service and/or to join our affiliate program.

Join the Protectapet Affiliate Program

It's free, it's easy, no fees, no fuss!

By joining the Protectapet Affiliate Proogram you will join a group of peope that are committed to improving animal husbandry and will provide pet owners and horse owners with a link to our unique services. Our Protectapet Healthcare Plans and associated products have been tried and tested in the industry and we have come out on top. As leaders in this field and the only Specialists in Spain providing this kind of service and product, we want to encourage others to join this unique experience. In doing so, you will get extraordinary support and help and grow your business. You will automatically be included in our free directory listing service whereby clients visiting our Website will be able to find your services quickly. This increases your visibility to thousands of pet owners all over Spain and Europe.

Improve your Google and Facebook rankings

By being affiliated with Protectapet it will improve your Google and Facebook rankings. As the top Pet healthcare plan provider in Spain your details will be quickly and easily found and being linked to our Website with a banner on your Website, it will help more people find your services, increase traffic flow and encourage more people to visit you, thereby increasing business.

Make more money & expand your business - with proven results

In a difficult marketplace it is important to utilise as many opportunities to grow and expand your business. Protectapet are the leading specialists in this field and have an enviable reputation as the best. With our rapid expansion into Europe you will join a top team that will enhance your business opportunities as we go.

Add an additional service to your portfolio

Adding our Pet Healthcare plans to your services provides additional income streams to your business, these are always welcome and it is so easy to do. In less than 2 minutes you can be plugged in to the sytem and have another income stream operating No training is needed, and the process is fully automatic.

Protectapet do all the work

Yes, we will do all the work for you, all you have to do is register. It's that simple. We will drive people and pet owners to your website, Facebook pages and any other links that you may have. Protectapet have thousands of pet owners registered on our Website and they are looking for your services on a daily basis. You have to be in it to benefit. It costs you nothing and you can earn considerable sums of money if any of your referred clients buy our products. You can only benefit by being part of the scheme.

How do Protectapet do that?

By providing links to us and us to you we both benefit. By placing our banner on your website or facebook page, pet lovers that are looking for pet healthcare plans will link to us. The cllick through to our website is tracked so that we can pay you for any pet healthcare policies or other products the client may purchase. In return you get a sizeable commission payment. Policies are delivered online and you need not get involved in any of the process, it is fully automated. Protectapet will create a unique banner for your services and optimise the banner for the best site engine optimisation to get new and exisitng clients to find your services.

Protectapet Healthcare Plans are the best on the market

Protectapet were the first to introduce Pet and healthcare plans into Spain. We specialise in this field and our staff are all professionals that are hand picked for their extensive knowledge and passion for pets and pet owners. They are highly trained and will be there for you when you need us most.

Why are our products the best?

We offer cover that no other Pet Insurance or Pet Healthcare Provider can cover. As a Pet Healthcare Management Organisation, Protectapet are not constrained by the requirements of insurance regulations and compliance, (we are approved and regulated by the DGSFP) and can offer unique packages that Pet Insurance companies cannot offer you.

Fixed Pet Premiums for life with ALL Protectapet Healthcare Plans!

Yes, your Pet Healthcare premium with Protectapet will never go up from the day your join us. Regardless of how many claims you might make or how old your pet may get, Protectapet guarantee to keep your premium the same for the lifetime of your pet. No other Pet Insurance Company truly gives you fixed premiums for life. Some Pet Plans say they do, but when you look at the small print, premiums increase every year, to keep up with inflation, or you will get a price hike after making a claim. We guarantee our premiums are fixed for the entire lifetime of your pet - regardless of the number of claims you might make.

Protectapet accept Any age or breed of Cat or Dog

Any pets over the age of 8 weeks old are accepted and there are no premium penalties for Pets joining later in life. Most, if not all other pet Insurance companies in Spain and Gibraltar have an age restriction on pets, usually to a maximum age of 9 years old. Protectapet Healthcare Plans offer you the ¨fixed premiums for life¨ option. Protectapet guarantee that once you have a policy for one of your pets the premium will never go up regardless of the number of claims made. All of Protectapet's new Pet Healthcare Plans and products are in English, with claim forms in several languages.

As the market for Pet Insurance policies in Spain has progressed and more Insurance companies have entered the marketplace, Protectapet have been able to maintain their market lead by innovation and by providing new Pet Healthcare Plans with increasing protection, due to their extensive knowledge of the local marketplace.

Protectapet let you Use any vet of your choice:-

With Protectapet you can use any Veterinarian in Spain of your choice with no restrictions. You have total control over where and who you want to treat your pet. No fuss. Protectapet do not discriminate over the type or breed of dog or cat as we cover any breed or age of Cat or Dog or whether your pet is classified as a dangerous dog in Spain. Most Pet Insurance companies in Spain will either restrict cover or charge you a lot more to cover a dangerous dog.

Protectapet offer you Easy payment terms:-

Enjoy our easy payment terms and pay monthly with no extra charges. By paying monthly you will nevr need to worry about the renewal of your policy. Protectapet offer an open ended policy that you can cancel at any time. Remember that our premiums for your Protectapet Healthcare Plans are fixed for life, so the premium will never go up regardless of however many claims you make or however old your pet may get. We've got you covered where no-one else can.

Dangerous dog insurance in Spain

Surprisingly, most Pet Insurance companies will not cover any dangerous dogs, particularly in Spain. You might think that strange as it is a pet like any other. The fact that your dog might be classified as a dangerous dog, it could still be the best, funniest, daftest animal in the whole wide world. So why don't they cover dangerous dogs? The classification of dangerous dog, automatically increases the risk profile for the insurer. This then increases the cost to the insurer to underwrite the potential increased risk, because, for some reason they think a dangerous dog is more likely to get sick or injured, have fights and generally be more troublesome than non-dangerous dogs. A dangerous dog is classified in Spain as ANY dog over 20 Kg. So if your Heinz 57 variety, that is a peaceful, friendly rescue dog, that has never harmed or shown any aggression to A.N.Other, then it it a dangerous dog. Don't worry, Protectapet offer cover as standard if your dog is injured in a fight.

Protectapet offer a full - No quibble, money back Guarantee.

Protectapet offer you a full money back guarantee on any of our Protectapet Healthcare Products. Protectapet can also provide you with European Pet and Transportation protection if you are visiting friends in Europe or if you are just going on holiday with your Pet. Cover to travel or transport your pet anywhere in the world is also available.

Accidental death, Boarding Kennel and Cattery fees are only a few of the items covered under the Pet Healthcare plans that Protectapet Provide.

Due to the large number of requests being made by Protectapet clients to provide them with other forms of General Insurance in Spain, our sister company, provides the same unique individual service you get at Protectapet, for any other form of insurance you may need. Cheap car insurance in Spain, house, medical, health, holiday home, caravan, travel, marine insurance and so much more. Why not give them a call. You will get the same 100% personalised service.

Protectapet, The European Pet Healthcare Management Organisation is registered with the mercantile registry in Alicante. Registration no. B53888699 with registered offices at Carrer Les Capelettes 18, Bajo. Benitachell. Alicante, 03726. Spain.

It is understood and agreed that Protectapet, The European Pet Healthcare Management Organisation, is a trading name of Plegasus Europe S.L and is authorised by the Ministerio De Economia, Industria Y Competitividad and the Direccion General de Seguros Y Fondos de Pensiones, Ref 8/2017 Section De Analisis de Actas NA0120 and S 8981-2017 and conforms to Articles 121 Y 122 de la Ley 39/2015, de 1 October, de Procedimiento Administrivo Comun de las Administrationes Publicas, dated in Madrid on 7th April 2017

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