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Welcome!  We have put together a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding our Pet Healthcare Plans, please do not hesitate to contact us should you not find the answer to your question here:


do you cover senior dogs?

Yes, we cover all cats and dogs of all ages from 8 weeks upwards.

do you cover all breeds?

Yes, we cover all breeds of cats and dogs.

if i take out a plan, is my pet covered straight away?

Your pet will be covered immediately for accidents and after 21 days they will be covered for illness too.

what veterinary clinic do i have to use?

You can use any Veterinary clinic of your choice.

can i change the veterinary clinic at any time?

Yes, you can change your Veterinary Clinic at any time.

do i have any obligations in order to make the most of this plan?

Yes, your obligation is to make sure that your pet is up to date with their vaccinations and boosters as listed in the terms and conditions.  If you do not vaccinate your pet, for whatever the reason, then the policy will not pay for any costs involved in curing the illness they happen to contract. You also need to carry out the preventative treatments such as worming, heart worms, ticks, fleas and parasites etc.  


is there an excess to pay if i make a claim?

Yes, there is a 50€ excess that will be deducted from your claim.

do i have to pay an excess for every claim? 

No, in the case that your pet requires on-going veterinary treatment for an ailment, you would pay the excess on the first claim only.


how many claims can i make per year?

You can make an unlimited number of claims per year provided that they do not exceed the maximum monetary amount per individual illness and maximum monetary amount of yearly cover.  The amounts depend upon which plan you have with us.


will my monthly premium go up each year?

No, your monthly premium is fixed and will stay the same for the lifetime of your pet.

will my monthly premium go up if i have made a lot of claims? 

No, it will never go up, regardless of the number of claims you make.

how do i make a claim? 

Just log into your client area on our website to view your plan information.  Click on the blue “make a claim” button, complete the online form and attach the documents required as listed.  Click on “submit claim” and we will begin the claims procedure.

how long does it take for the money to go back into my account?

We aim to process your claims as quickly as possible. Please help us by making sure that you upload all the supporting documents for your claim as this will speed up the process. You will receive your settlement via bank transfer within 5-10 working days.

is dental care covered?

Yes, as long as your pet is up to date with their annual yearly dental check-up or has had a registered dental check-up within the previous 12 months.

what is not covered?

The plan does not cover Hereditary and Congenital Illnesses, treatment for illness or injury that occurred before your plan has started, euthanasia & cremation, unnecessary house calls or transportation, treatments that do not have a specific diagnosis, second opinions, MRI, CT & CAT scans, elective procedures. Full information will be found in the terms and conditions.

why are hereditary and congenital illnesses not covered?

Because there are some Breeds that are genetically pre-disposed to developing Hereditary & Congenital illnesses, more so than others. 

NOTE- Being aware of what could happen can help you to be more vigilant.  For instance, if you know that your dog’s breed is more prone to knee ligament injuries or patella luxation (dislocation) then you should discourage your dog from walking on its back legs or jumping up and down on its back legs because that is precisely how that injury occurs. It pays to do some research on your pet´s breed and learn all you need to know about the health issues that your pet could be prone to.


what if a pre-existing condition flares up again? can i claim? 

If the condition has been cured and there has not been any treatment or consultation during a period of 12 months, you may well be eligible to claim.


can i add travel cover to my plan?

Yes, you can choose to add European or International travel cover for a period of 30, 60 or 90 days per year to your plan at any time.


if i lose my pet´s passport, am i covered?

Yes, if you have taken out our Diamond Plan for your pet. You can claim up to 750€ to cover the cost of replacing your pet passport or pet health certificate if they are lost or stolen.


if my pet goes missing, how will you help me?

If your pet goes missing, please notify us within 7 days.  We will, with your agreement fund the cost of advertising and/or a reward to help find your pet, up to a maximum of 250€ with our standard plan & up to 750€ with our Diamond plan.  Please see the terms and conditions for full info.

what is public liability (rc insurance), is it included? do i need it?

RC insurance covers you in the event of damage or injuries caused by your dog. It gives you cover of between 120,000€ - 300,000€ (depending on your Province) should your dog be involved in a fight with another animal, attack another person, attack a neighbour´s pet or livestock or damage another person´s property. This is a very different thing to a pet healthcare plan and is not included.  The new Animal Welfare Law (announced in March 2023 with entry into force within 6 months) has established that all dog owners must have a RC Insurance (Civil Risk) policy in place.  Hunting dogs are not included.  We can assist you with this via our sibling company

why should i read the terms and conditions?

The terms and conditions of your plan outlines exactly what the cover and the benefits are for your pet.  We feel that it is important that all of our clients fully understand what they are paying for.


what happens if i miss a monthly payment?

Don’t panic!  We will contact you to organise an alternative payment method and have you caught up in no time!


can i pay annually?

No, we have an easy payment scheme that allows the plan to be paid for in convenient monthly instalments.

how do i go about cancelling my plan if i needed to?

We would be sorry to see you go but we won´t make it difficult for you!  Just drop us a line by post or email and let us know.

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