Diamond healthcare plans provided by Protectapet for all your pet healthcare needs.


This is the Pet Healthcare Plan they are all talking about!

The Diamond Pet Healthcare Plan is the very best of  Pet Veterinary cover in Spain for Expats in English. The Diamond Pet Healthcare plan is available to buy online with immediate cover for accidents and emergencies. The Diamond plan has up to €10,000 of cover, 4 x more than our competitors. Premiums are fixed for life with any breed of Cat or Dog accepted, including dangerous breeds. You have the freedom to use any Vet of your choice, with options to cover your pet anywhere in Europe with our European travel option. No premium penalties for older pets to join later in life. Protectapet protect your pet wherever you are.


immediate cover.

With all Protectapet Pet healthcare plans you will have immediate cover for accidents with illness cover effective 21 days after the start date/time of the policy. 

vets fees - up to € 12,500 of cover.

With Protectapet's unique Diamond Plan, for Dogs,  you can claim up to the maximum of €12,500 a year. There are no other pet insurance, pet plan or pet healthcare companies in Spain, offering you anything near this amount in claims per year.  You can make as many claims as you need,  up to the maximum amount and it will not affect your renewal premium. 

this can include vets fees, hospitalisations, emergency treatments, home visits and in treatment and aftercare medication. 

fixed premiums for the life of your pet.

Once you have a Protectapet Diamond Plan, regardless of the number of claims you make, your premiums are fixed for the lifetime of your pet. This means that your premiums will never go up as long as you keep the policy in force. Unlike other pet insurance and pet plans in Spain, we do not penalise your renewal premiums for making a claim. 

any age - any breed accepted, including dangerous dogs.

Protectpet do not penalise you or increase your pet premiums if you have a cat or dog that is a specific breed or age or is classified as a dangerous dog. Most pet insurance and pet plan companies will increase your base premium for specific breeds, penalise you for the age of the pet, ( many pet insurance companies will not cover any pets over the age of 8, and if they do, you will be required to pay a much higher premium ) this can easily be checked by requesting a quote for your pet at a much younger age and see for yourself how much they are penalising you for an older pet to join. 


Protectapet have always maintained that you should have the choice to use any vet you want to. There may be a veterinary clinic close to you that you are familiar with and you don't need to travel long distances to get to them. Others may prefer to use a specific Veterinary Clinic that has been recommended to them. We don't mind which one you use as long as you are happy with the service you and your pet get from the Vet.  

You can claim up to 100% of the veterinary bills including home visits in an emergency, hospitalisation and aftercare medications.

Note* Other pet insurance companies restrict which vets you can use and will provide you with a list of the vets you can use in your area. If you don't use one of their selected vets ( they have contracts with them so that their own costs are lowered ) you may be restricted to a pay out of as little as 60% of your claim value. 

kennel and cattery fees.

What to do, or getting someone to look after your pet whilst you are ill can be very stressful. With a protectapet Healthcare plan we offer you the opportunity to have your pets looked after at a licensed kennel or cattery if you or your partner are hospitalised for more than 48 hours. This will give you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about whilst you seek the treatment you need. 

accidental death benefits.

 An accidental death is a disaster which is specific, identifiable, unexpected, unusual, and unintended external event which occurs in a particular time and place, without apparent or deliberate cause but with marked effects. It implies a generally negative outcome which may have been avoided or prevented had circumstances up to the accident been recognised, and acted upon, prior to its occurrence. 

Protectapet will also cover accidental pet deaths in the event of any type of poisoning, including that from the processionary caterpillars and cane toads,  unless the poisoning is attributed to the negligence of the owner. 


areas of protection with a protectapet healthcare plan.

Protectapet, the European pet healthcare management organisation operate in Spain, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus and can also offer you cover for anywhere in Europe for accidents and emergencies with our European Travel Plans.  

Please ask for details of our pet travel plans for emergency cover in virtually any country. - These plans may be offered as stand alone policies, and you don't need to have a Protectapet Healthcare plan to purchase your pet travel plans. 

Loss of your Pet Passport or Health Certificate.

Travelling abroad with your pet can sometimes be fraught with worry, particularly as you might be travelling through several countries on your holidays. Losing a Pet Passport or Health Certificate whilst you are away can present problems and delay your journey through some countries.

Keeping a copy in a safe place, or online, does mean that you can access a copy of it and prove that you actually have had one, and might just allow you to continue your journey. 

You may need to get a replacement quickly and so Protectapet will cover the costs of replacing the Pet Passport or your Pet Health Certificate if it is lost or stolen, up to a maximum amount of € 750. You may be required to provide information from your vet as to the validity and existence of your pet passport or Pet health certificate before making a claim. 


no quibble money back guarantee.

*all policies are subject to the specific terms and conditions that are provided with your Protectapet Healthcare Plan policies.

not all Protectapet policies have the same cover - so please check your terms and conditions when you get your quote. remember  - there is a 10 day no quibble - money back guarantee,  if you are not totally satisfied with the policy terms and conditions. 

protectapet terms and conditions. 

The protectapet healthcare plan policies have specific terms and conditions relating to the type and scope of the cover you decide to contract. To view the terms and conditions specific to your policy choice, please get a quote or log in to see the details of your existing cover. 


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