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If you want a purebred cat, or need one due to physical health or poor allergies, there are some important tips you will need to know in order to help find a healthy, well-adjusted cat for the breed you are looking for.

Buying a purebred Cat is similar to buying a purebred Dog, with the exception of ease to finding a reputable breeder.

Dog breeders are easy to find as there are so many different dog breeds with huge number of human fans for their breed. Cat breeders have to be more selective as, as pure-bred cats are not as popular.

Finding a good, quality breeder is to bring home a healthy and strong kitten.

PUREBRED CATS - What is a pure-bred cat?

A Purebred cat is a cat whose ancestors are all of the same breeds, or whose ancestry includes crossbreeding that is allowed in the breed standard.


When deciding to buy a purebred cat from a cat breeder there are certain things that you should do before purchasing your cat. 

  • Research the Cat breed you want.

  • Different purebred cats have different needs and temperaments. If your lifestyle isn’t compatible with the cats needs you will need to consider different breed. For example Persians Cats need daily grooming and Bengal cats are very high energy and need lots of exercise.

  •  Research Cat breeders in your area

  • Talk to people that have used the breeders first hand or join Cat breeder forums to get recommendations or even warnings about the service they provide and the way the treat the cats in their care.
  • Talk to People that own cats of the breed that you are looking to purchase.

  • Again this is where Cat forums come in handy! You can get real honest advice on what  it is like to live with your chosen breed of Cat and how to look after it properly. 


There are many cat breeder websites that you can search for on the Internet or checkout  our Free Cat Breeders directory in Spain to find a legally licensed cat breeder. The Spanish Law of animal protection makes it illegal to “breed and trade in animals without the corresponding licences and permits” Search our directory for Cat Breeders by either Breed of Cat or location of Cat Breeder.


The number of recognised cat breeds in the world varies by organisation and is either 44 (Cat Fanciers’ Association), 43 (Fédération Internationale Féline) , or 73 (The International Cat Association )

Wikipedia has a full list of cat breeds and their origins along with pictures of the breeds of cats for you choose your purrfect Pussy cat.


There is only one Spanish Cat Breed, they are called Ojos Azules. Ojos Azules is Spanish for Blue eyes. This is the attribute that set these long and short haired cats apart from other breeds.


Turkish Angora – The Turkish Angora cat comes from Turkey and are recognised by their silky white coat.

American Bobtail – Originally a feral cat, it was selectively bred in the late 1960´s. It is known for its short tails that can be straight, slightly curved, slightly kinked, or have bumps down the length of the tail.

European Burmese – All Burmese cats originated from one single cat! Wong Mau was mated with a Siamese cat and kittens born were both solid and pointed in colour. The solid-coloured cats were selected for further breeding and the Burmese spread to the United Kingdom.

Chartreux – From France, but the breed is thought to have ancient origins, most possibly ancient Persia. The Charteux breed of cat is known for is unique coat texture and colour.

Korat – The good luck Cat of Thailand! This bred of cat comes in one colour only, which is described as a silver tipped blue.

Havana Brown – This breed of Cat was purposely developed in England in the 1950´s. The Havana brown was produced by breeding the chocolate point and Seal Point Siamese cats with black domestic short hair cats.

Burmilla – an accidental breed occurred when a Chinchilla Persian and a Lilac Burmese Female had a secret encounter! Their Kittens produced were so beautiful that a breeding program was set up for the newly created Burmilla’s.

LaPerm – Know for its very curly fur, which comes in a variety of colours and patterns. The LaPerm bred of cats coats can range from wavy to tight ringlets or long corkscrew curls.

Turkish Van – One of the oldest and rearrest cat breeds. Turkish Vans have semi long hair coats that make them waterproof and they actually enjoy swimming! An original attribute for a cat!

American Wirehair – The rarest breed of cat in the world. The American Wirehair breed of cat started out as a mutation in a litter of six domestic shorthair kittens. One kitten ended up with a sparse wiry coat and crimpled whiskers. The mutation is so rare that so far it has no occurred naturally in any other country than the United States.



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