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Why do cats and kittens need Healthcare cover in Spain?

The best and most affordable cat insurance in Spain There are literally thousands of feral and wild cats in Spain. You can often see them at the bins (basuras) on urbanisations or at bin collection centres. They are mainly there to find food, and it doesn't help with many people putting food out for them. These feral and wild cats are often riddled with fleas, carry diseases and mange,  which can easily be transmitted to your own domestic cat. 

Most cats, if not contained within your home, will want to roam freely and they can travel long distances - after all, they are curious animals by nature. With more and more transmissible diseases and dangers on the road, having a healthcare plan that covers for accidents, injuries and healthcare, is essential. 


Protectapet offer fixed premiums for life on all cat healthcare plans




Protectapet offer FIXED PREMIUMS for the lifetime of your Cat.

Protectapet are the only Pet Healthcare Management organisation that will offer fixed premiums for life for any of your pets including cats. No pet insurance companies will offer you this kind of cover and pet insurance companies will also penalise your premium as your cat or pet gets older. This cover can offer you tremendous savings over time, as you know what you will pay each  month or year and you have the guarantee that premiums will never go up as long as you keep the policy running. 

Do my premiums go up if i make a claim? 

Unlike other Pet Insurance companies in Spain and around the world, once you have a policy with Protectapet, even if you make a claim, your premiums will never go up.  You don't need to worry about any increases in Premiums on renewal, for the lifetime of your pet. 

Cat Healthcare plans for any age or breed of cat with Protectapet Protectapet cover any age or breed of Cat over 8 weeks of age.

Protectapet do not penalise your premiums because of the age of your cat. You can contract a Protectapet Cat healthcare plan at any age and pay the same premium for the lifetime of your cat. 

We do not discriminate as to the breed of cat you want to cover, even though some breeds are more susceptible to disease than others. We believe in trying to keep it fair across the entire cat breed range. You won't pay any more for older cats to join. 

Veterinary fees and medication cover for cats.

Most people have a Cat Healthcare Plan with Protectapet to mitigate the costs involved if your Cat requires Veterinary treatment for an illness or accident that may occur to your Cat. With a Protectapet Cat Healthcare Plan you are also free to use any Vet of your choice. 

Protectapet will pay for any reasonable Veterinary treatment for your cat based on a conventional charging structure covering unrelated accidents or illnesses carried out by a Veterinarian of your choice, within the bounds of the validated location of cover, including home visits in an emergency,  hospitalisation, medication and/or alternative medicines such as acupuncture and homeopathy. Some treatments will require authorisation, up to the maximum level of cover authorised on your policy. 

The full terms and conditions can be viewed when you have completed a quote for the Cat you want to cover. 

Accidental Death Benefit for Cats.

Main Coone cat looking at the accidental death benefits offered by ProtectapetWe are all aware how dangerous the roads are for our pets, particularly our cats. Cats are not normally walked for exercised like we do with our dogs on a lead and cats are generally allowed to leave the home and come back at will. This does mean they are more prone to traffic accidents than other pets.

Protectapet Cat Healthcare Plans will cover your cat treatments for poisonings, traffic accidents, injuries and accidental death.

European  Cat travel cover.

Many cat owners now travel with their pets. Whether this is taking the cat back to your home country on holiday, or simply taking the cat with you wherever you go. 

Protectapet offer an additional cover on your Pet Healthcare plan which enables you to contract European cover if you are travelling that will cover any emergency treatment whilst  you are away from home. 

Pet Travel insurance for cats and dogs is also available upon request. 

Cattery fees for cats.

Cattery fees in spain Having peace of mind that your cat or cats are well taken care of whilst you are ill is important to us. Protectapet will cover your cat's stay at a licenced cattery if you or your partner are hospitalised for more than 48 hours. 

The limits of cover are defined in your Cat Healthcare Plan policy, depending upon the cat healthcare plan you have selected. 

Cover for the loss of your cat from theft or straying.

Some cats are worth a lot of money and animal theft, particularly Cats and Dogs is on the rise all over the world. Unscrupulous criminals know they can sell valuable pets quite quickly for a handsome profit. 

Pets also stray. Cats can often go missing for days, weeks and months and then suddenly return. It can be heartbreaking when your cat goes missing and not knowing whether it has been injured, stolen or just gone walkabout doesn't help. 

Protectapet want you to find your cat quickly and include a section whereby Protectapet will pay for an advertising or reward scheme to help you find your Cat. 

Making a claim for your Cat.

When your cat has been ill and you have taken them to the Vet of your choice, you can download a claims form, or you or your Vet can complete the online claims form. The online claims form is by far the quickest way to get your claim settled. 

The Protectapet claim forms are available in a variety of languages and you can choose the one in the language you prefer. Be aware that some Vets don't speak English, so perhaps it would be wise to download the Spanish claims form and the English claims form if you don't want to fill in the online claims form. 

Use any Vet of your choice. 

At Protectapet we want to make sure you are happy with the cover we offer for all pets, so you can use  any vet of your choice. One that you feel comfortable with and one that you feel looks after your pet. 

Veterinary clinics are all over Spain, from local village and town vets, to the franchised bigger and more commercial veterinary clinics in the cities. We do provide a vet locator so that you can find a vet near you or one that may specialise in a specific field. 

Many pet insurance companies require that you use there own specified vets. This is because they have deals with them to reduce the pet insurance companies bills. You will not get charged less and you will have less choice if your pet needs specialised treatment.  Not all vets are the same.  Some vets will offer very comprehensive services and others will have very comprehensive and expensive machinery and medical diagnosis equipment to help deal with any issues your pet might have. 

Loss of your Cat from theft or straying.

We all know that cats are well known for going walkabout once in a while, and this can often happen when we least expect it.  That´s why Protectapet are providing you with an advertising or reward scheme to try and help get your Cat found or returned to you quickly. As Cat lovers we are all aware of that awful dreaded feeling when they don't come home. 

Advertising Scheme. 

Our advertising scheme helps with funds towards advertising your missing pet locally. This can include production of posters etc. This will not include any national coverage as it is more than likely that your pet will be somewhere fairly local. 

With a focus on advertising locally,  it will give you the best chance of getting your cat back home quickly and safely and in good health. The more people you tell, the better your chances are of finding your cat. Social media and other free media outlets can also help generate a lot of interest.

Reward Scheme.

This is a scheme whereby you can offer a reward for the return of your pet.

Protectapet want you to find your pet quickly and in good health. If your pet goes missing, is stolen or lost, our advertising and reward scheme helps you cover the costs of an advertising campaign. The amount we pay will depend on the type of cover you have with our Protectapet Cat healthcare plans, and we will cover up to the maximum benefit as per the policy terms and conditions. 

Is my cat covered for poisoning?

YES ! Your protectapet Cat Healthcare plan will also cover your cat against poisoning.  some people don't like cats or animals of any kind and will bait or lay out poisons to kill them. Cat poisonings are quite common and it is classified as animal abuse in Spain. They can also get poisoned when playing with Cane toads, some plants and by fertilisers as well as processionary caterpillars.

Find a cattery near me.

Use our exclusive Cattery search tool and find a cattery near you with all of their details, what they do, links to their websites, rankings, who and where they are and any testimonials they have. 

Free registration for catteries on the biggest cattery directory in Spain 

If you own a cattery in Spain you should definitely register your cattery free of charge  on our Cattery Directory in Spain. Get found by 1,000's of potential cat owners that use our Protectapet website. Get links direct to your website where our clients can see what you do, what you can offer and how much you charge. improve your business rankings with our unique seo package or place a banner on a page dedicated to your services or contact us and we will do it for you.


Lost and Found cats and dogs.

Protectapet will be opening a special section on on our website and through all of our social media pages as well as many other outlets, that will enable you to advertise and promote the details of any pet that has been lost and found or stolen. With our huge audience and pet loving clients, we believe that our network of animal lovers will help you promote your missing pets in the right areas to help get them found. The more people that know, the better chances you have of finding your beloved pets. 

Use it, it is free. The lost and found pet recovery network by Protectapet. 


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