Protectapet cover the Accidental Death of your pet on all our Pet healthcare Plans.

Am i covered for accidental death benefits with Protectapet?

Yes, Protectapet will cover your pet for the accidental death of your pet from the day you take out the policy. This cover is standard on all of our Pet Healthcare Plans.

What does accidental death mean on pet insurance?

Accidental death, as the name suggests, is a situation whereby the pet dies from an unexpected, sudden or tragic event. It has nothing to do with the death of your pet from an illness.

How much benefit can i claim for the accidental death of my pet?

That all depends on the policy you have with Protectapet. We will pay a full refund of the purchase price of your pet up to the maximum  contracted on your pet healthcare policy.

What are accident only pet insurance plans?

In our opinion, accident only pet insurance plans are a waste of money. Sure, your pet may have the odd accident in it's lifetime but your pet is more likely to suffer from an illness or disease.

Accident only pet insurance plans only offer cover for vets bills sustained as a result of an accident.  it does not cover illnesses or disease or old age, and will not cover any conditions or treatments unrelated to an accident. 

They will have an annual maximum claim limit, or offer a lifetime limit for continuing treatment related to the accident, as long as you keep renewing the policy. There will of course, be an excess charge for each claim and the premiums will go up each year, especially if you have made a claim. 

Protectapet do not provide any accident only policies as we cover all accidents and emergencies as a standard feature of our pet healthcare plans. 

terms and conditions regarding accidental death benefits with protectapet 

Protectapet accidental death benefits.

In the event of the death of your pet from an accident or poisoning, and if you can provide the original purchase receipt of your pet, we will pay a full refund of the purchase price of your pet up to a maximum of € 500.00 This section does not apply if your pet dies from an illness or disease or old age or if your dog is over the age of 9 or cats over the age of 11.

We will not pay for:- 

Any amount if the death results from an illness, old age or a disease.

Any amount if the death results from or while your pet is in the care of a kennel or cattery .

Any amount if the pet is being transported by a third party or in return for money, goods, or services.

In the event of an accidental death claim, you will not be able to claim for the accidental death benefit and veterinary fees and/or treatments in association with treatment of your pet leading up to the death of your pet. You may only claim for one or the other, not both. 


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