Protectapet are the only pet healthcare company that will cover any breed or age of Cat or Dog including dangerous breeds.

Protectapet are the only Pet Healthcare Company that will cover any breed or age of Cat or Dog.

Why are Protectapet the only Company that covers pets of any age or breed including dangerous dogs?

Protectapet are well known for providing pet healthcare cover that no other insurance company will cover. Their unique Diamond Plan offers the best cover available for your pet.  

Why other Pet Insurance companies won't offer you this type of cover? 

Pet insurance companies are a bit like front line offices for Insurance Underwriters, The underwriters agree to cover the terms and conditions of a pet insurance policy for a fee, that will cover all the claims and risks involved and the Insurance company gets to keep a commission for each policy it sells. 

There are certain risks that historically are bad news when it comes to paying out claims on certain types of pets – this usually represents a category relating to the breed and the age of the pet. With Pet insurance being the most highly claimed on type of insurance, the underwriters will minimise risk, to maximise their profits.  Underwriters will typically require 65% of any premium that is applied to the pet insurance policy to cover those risks. The Insurance company offering that Pet insurance in the open market can walk away with a clean profit of that 35% with no risk, as the insurance underwriter takes the risk and pays the claims from the 65% of the premium they take.

Hence, underwriting any cat or dog of any age or breed is considered, in the Pet Insurance industry, to be a very high risk and they are not prepared to cover it.

Does the Breed and Age of my Pet affect my insurance premiums?

Not with Protectapet as we offer fixed premiums for life.  Once you have taken out one of our Pet Healthcare Plans in Spain for your pet, the premiums will remain fixed for the lifetime of your pet, regardless of the number of claims you make, as long as the policy remains in force.

The breed and age of your pet will impact the price with all other pet insurance providers. Some breeds of cats and dogs have a longer life expectancy than others. Pure breeds and ‘Pedigrees’ may be more susceptible to hereditary and congenital health problems. Whilst cross breeds are considered more robust, dogs classed as pure breeds or ‘Pedigrees’ are bred to enhance certain features to accentuate that feature. This often has adverse effects on those particular breeds and can often present many health issues in the future.

Protectapet are the only Pet Healthcare Company that does not rank or base their premiums on the age or breed of your pet. Our Pet Healthcare Policy holders are not penalised for having any particular breed or type of dog or cat, nor are they penalised if they have or make a claim. 

annual premium increases by pet insurance companies in spain.

As a rule, Pet insurance companies will add a percentage annual increase in their basic premium for each year of age. Again, adding to their profits, as each year of risk passes. The world’s leading pet insurer will also increase your premium by at least 20% if you have a claim, so you can imagine what your premiums will be by the time your pet gets to 8 or 9 years old if you have a couple of claims.

As pets get older, they are, like humans, more susceptible to illness, accidents and disease and therefore carry a much higher risk of you making a claim on your pet on that pet insurance company. So, take our advice, our fixed premiums for life healthcare plans can save you a fortune over the lifetime of your pet, as Protectapet premiums are fixed for the lifetime of your pet and premiums don’t go up when you make a claim.  

Can Dangerous Dogs be covered?

Yes, they can only be covered by Protectapet and at the same price as any normal dog. We do not add any premium penalties for older or dangerous dogs like all other pet insurance companies in Spain will do.

 Spain has a Dangerous dog list, and currently requires that all those dogs listed on the Spanish dangerous dog list be covered with a Third Party Liability Insurance.

All dangerous dogs (those on the list and any dog weighing 20kg or more) are supposed to be registered with the local Council, pay the relevant taxes, provide copies of third-party liability insurance and in most cases provide them with a satisfactory behavioural report from a suitable and qualified Vet in Spain. This report is also part of the ownership requirements and includes details about the suitability of the owner to handle and own such dogs in Spain.

All dogs classified as Dangerous dogs in Spain must be muzzled at all times in Public and on a lead no longer than 1 meter.

There is some concern that the potentially dangerous dog list creates a prejudice against entire breeds which may not be justified in many cases. Most people will have come across dangerous breeds that are absolute softies.

Alternatively, many of the Breeds not on the Dangerous dog list in Spain could be considered very dangerous and have shown aggressive behaviour and are not on the compulsory registration list.  The law being reformed is looking to validate the behaviour of the Dog, without considering the breed.  This suggests that it may be time for all dogs to be registered, regardless of breed or behaviour.

By rewriting the law 50/1999 the legislation wants to cover dogs that require or need special handling and require the dogs to be trained adequately to reduce the capacity of them being classified as dangerous.

Can I get Dog liability insurance without taking out a pet healthcare plan?

Yes. Protectapet offer a comprehensive and inexpensive third party liability insurance policy  for all dogs, dangerous or not. You do not need to take out one of our pet healthcare plans to get this type of insurance.

What are the third-party liability cover options for dogs in Spain?

With the many different Autonomous regions in Spain setting their own guidelines for the minimum requirements, the amount of cover will vary depending upon where you live. You must also take care to ensure that if you move or drive through another autonomous region with your dog, that the cover you have is adequate for that region.

Most Spanish regions require a minimum of 130,000€ of cover and some require 300,000€. There is only a few Euros difference in costs between the two levels of cover and we would always recommend the higher cover of 300,000€ option be taken as you would be quite surprised how quickly litigation costs can use up this level of cover.

Contact us for any information – it is free and confidential - regarding dog liability insurance as there are other options, depending on your circumstances that can be used to cover your liability insurance for free.

Can dog liability insurance in Spain be included in my house insurance policy?

Yes! Protectapet have a sister company that provides general insurance for Expats in Spain in English. Some house insurance policies will include liability insurance for your dog/s, often included free of charge, depending on the level of cover you need for your property and the location of same.


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