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How to train your dog, trainers in spain Dog trainers and behaviourists play a large part in the control and obedience of our beloved pets. Protectapet is a great believer in pet owners being able to teach and control their pets so that they become a pleasure rather than an animal that is uncontrollable and a nuisance. This will help avoid the unnecessary need for uncontrollable animals and pets being released into the community and then having to fend for themselves, or even worse, becoming a nuisance to society.


Are Dog trainers regulated?

Unfortunately, as far as we are aware, dog behaviourists, also known as dog Whisperer's, and trainers are generally unregulated. There are some associations that prescribe to a code of practise, and many with reputable reputations and experience. All Dog Behaviourists and Dog Trainers in Spain operate to their own specific needs. Some run dog shows, competitions, training days, social events and many charity fund-raisers for pets and dogs in Spain.


Obedience training for dogs.

Pet and dog owners will know that your pet, if left untrained, may develop lots of bad habits. If you are happy with that and you feel that the training you have been able to give your dog is more than adequate, then you won't have need for a dog trainer. However, there are times when pets develop such bad habits that we are unable to cope with them and then there is a need to ´cure´the dog of any bad habits. Dog trainers and behaviourists will help you to do this. 

Dog training with a specific dog trainer can be very rewarding as your dog will possibly mix with other dogs and they can teach you hands on techniques. Handling a dog in a public place and what to do when your dog emcounters other dogs that might not be so friendly. It´s one of the few things that you can experience when you go to a dog training center. You will also meet like minded people that are there for the same reason. 


Dangerous dogs. 

dangerous dog insurance in spain, protectapetYou may own a dangerous dog, pedigree or otherwise, or a dog that might be on the dangerous dog list in Spain. Remember, if your dog is going to grow to over 20 Kg, it will automatically be classified as a dangerous dog in Spain. You will then be required to take the Physcological evaluation test and have your dogs examined by a local Vet. By law you will also need to have the minimum required third party liability insurance for your particular autonomous region in Spain. 

Don't worry, we can arrange all of your dangerous dog insurance for you, but you will still have to take the physcological tests. 


Do it yourself - dog training.

Many people can and do their own dog training. There are lots of dog training videos and training tips available on the Internet, and these allow you to give it a go. Basic dog training, obedience and the common commands are easy to replicate and you will get a lot of enjoyment from training your pet. If your dog starts to show strange or annoying traits, you may find the answers you need by Googling it.

Training a dog to be obedient could be a lengthy and log process, depending on the type of dog you have, what methods are used and the skills with which the dogs are trained or handled. depending on the amount of training you want and the level of obedience you are happy with, will determine the amount of time and level of patience needed.


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