Protectapet will cover you for Kennel and Cattery fees in the event that you are hospitalised for more than 48 Hours.

Protectapet Boarding Kennel and Cattery fees.

Protectapet are always looking for ways to add value to your Pet Healthcare Plan policy. so we have included as part of your plan, a section whereby if¡ something happens to you or your partner and you are hospitalised for more than 48 hours, Protectapet will cover your pet in a registered Kennel or Cattery so that you can recover in Peace and know that your pets are being well looked after. 

After all, looking after your pet is our main concern.

Do all Pet Insurance Plans cover Kennel and Cattery fees?

No!, not many offer this cover and when they do, you need to be hospitalised for at least 4 consecutive days or more before you can claim for any stay in a Kennel or Cattery for your pet, We thought 48hiours was fairer, as you might only be in overnight, and if you were in for more than that, it was likely that you might need the kennel and cattery cover because your stay in hospital may have been deemed a bit more serious or require more attention.   

By providing you with access to use a kennel or cattery after 48 hours, means that we are giving you more peace of mind, as the last thing you need to worry about is the safety and welfare of your pets when you are attending to your own safety and welfare. 

What are the costs of boarding kennels and catteries in Spain?

The costs of boarding kennels and Catteries in Spain will largely depend upon where you live. The prices can vary quite considerable from region to region as more populated areas tend to be more expensive. It can also depend on the time of year that you require the services of a Kennel or Cattery. During holiday seasons such as Christmas, New Year and local Fiestas, you can expect prices to rise as demand is much higher and places may be limited. 

Although more people than ever are travelling with their pets, many expats prefer to leave them in the good hands of quality Kennels and Catteries in Spain whilst they fly back to the UK for Christmas or to have a vacation visiting family. 

The average cost of a nights stay in a boarding kennel in Spain is roughly €12.00 a night, again depending on the season. Some can charge upwards of €30.00 a night, depending on the boarding services required for your pet. 

Kindergarten stays for young pets may cover a surcharge for the additional time allocated to play with your younger pets, or to walk them. Private enclosures, big runs, or even two dogs sharing a Kennel can reduce the costs. It is a bit like looking for a hotel room, you can find everything from all inclusive to 5 star service, depending on your needs. 


Protectapet understand the need for Kennels and Catteries to offer their services to the public. Protectapet are offering a free Kennel and Cattery registration service so that our clients and followers can find your Kennel or Cattery services free of charge. 

Register your Kennel or Cattery Free.

If you own a registered Cattery or Kennels in Spain, you can register your business with us and use our free promotional services by providing the services that you offer that will be shown to our pet friends. This will help you improve and increase your business in your area and get you seen by thousands of people. Let pet lovers know what you do, how much you charge and where you are and how to contact you easily and quickly. The registration is free.  So take advantage of our free service and REGISTER NOW. 


A registered Kennels in Spain is a place that can house 5 or more dogs at any one time and is required to have a kennel License and pay the required kennel license fees as stated by Spanish law. 

With a large variety of different types of kennels in Spain that vary from just a few dogs that are personally looked after, to the more commercial kennels that may have an unlimited number of dogs and offer a range of additional services such as dog grooming  or dog behaviourist and dog training. Some may have in+house pet shops and provide a multiplicity of associated services.  Dogs can vacation in style and many can provide air conditioned kennels, free to roam exercise areas, private walking services, and so much more. Check to see what they offer on our free Kennel directory. 

Registered catteries in Spain.

Meow! There are strict rules and regulations regarding and relating to the size of pens and chalets and the overall conditions in which cats and kittens  can be housed or kept in overnight. Catteries that are governed by specific sizes, usually have indoor pens with fenced areas on the outside so that cats can go outside if they want to. They are not left to roam around and will have their own pen. As these are usually based on an indoor penned area, they may also benefit from air conditioning in the summer months and heating in the winter. 

Upgrades to Catteries and Kennels.

With the Internet and wifi playing a much bigger role in our lives, some Kennels and Catteries will offer free wifi viewing of your cat or dog within the confines of the pen. This gives you even more peace of mind when you are away as you will be able to see your cat or dog online and if they have speaker connections, will be able to talk to your pet. 

The best Pet Healthcare Plans for Expats in Spain. 

Protectapet were the first to provide pet insurance and pet healthcare plans in Spain and we are always adding additional covers that clients find a need for. Our unique Pet Services make us the #1 pet healthcare provider in Spain. 

Your Kennel and Cattery cover is included in all of our policies. Your Cattery and Kennels expenses will be re-imbursed, subject to the terms and conditions and up to the agreed amount as per your policy.

How to make a claim for Kennel or Cattery Fees.  

Claims with Protectapet are made as easy as possible and you can download the claim form in Spanish or English. The claims section will explain how easy it is to complete a claims form and once completed, can be forwarded to us by email for our prompt attention. 



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