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Local Pet, Dog, Cat and Horse grooming services at home and in grooming salons in Spain and Europe are very common. There are a wide range of services that a Pet or Dog groomer, Cat groomer or Horse groomer, can provide, including, nail clipping, a full bath and blow dry, parasite removal, treatments for fleas and a variety of other cleansing and conditioning treatments. In Spain, veterinarians usually do micro chipping.

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Grooming large dogs.         

People often find it more difficult, particularly with very large dogs, to take them to a grooming parlour because transporting a large dog can be often be awkward. Mobile dog groomers will be of benefit to this group and to the many small dog owners that are elderly or infirm and want to keep their dog or cat well groomed.

Mobile dog, cat and horse groomers that come to you.

Mobile dog groomers often consist of the treatments or grooming being done in your own home although today, more mobile pet and dog groomers prefer to use vans which are modified for their services and include water baths, dryers and a selection of their treatments.

Grooming services within Veterinary practices.

A large number of Veterinary practises in Spain also offer Pet and Dog grooming services in-house in a groom room, so that pet owners can drop their cat or dog off for a couple of hours and have an annual check up, flea and parasite treatments and a full grooming service. They can also provide special grooming services for puppies as well as other furry friends.

Groomers opening hours.

Opening hours for pet and dog groomers can vary as Spanish pet and dog groomers tend to work from 9 am to 1 pm and then open again from 4 pm to 8 pm. British pet and dog grooming services tend to be open from 9 am to 5 pm. Locating a pet and dog groomer may not be easy to find as many do not advertise or promote their businesses as many operate on a word of mouth basis and build up a regular client base.  They can be busy so it is often vital, particularly during the summer months in Spain, to make an appointment. Summer in Spain can be very hot and many grooming centres, particularly Spanish groomers, may take their annual holidays during August.

What to look for when choosing a groomer in Spain.

Pet and dog grooming cleans your pet´s coat, removes excess hair and dirt and improves the look and welfare 

of your pet. The coat can also be clipped and trimmed, brushed washed and dried. Parasite treatment shampoos are often used to protect your pet against infestation and/or to treat them for one. All of this helps towards the health and welfare of your pet.
Protectapet are a great advocate for grooming your pet regularly as this gives you, the pet owner, or in the case of a pet or dog groomer, the opportunity to check your pet´s coat, skin and general cleanliness and identify any abnormalities that may be found. It also makes your pet feel great and often they will be very playful afterwards.

Responsibility for third party liability for groomers.

A pet and dog groomer in Spain is responsible for your pet whilst it is in their care. Although the dog grooming industry in Spain is unregulated, there are a number of things that you can take into account when choosing a groomer, which will help you gain confidence that they will meet your pet´s needs.

Visit the premises.

Visit the premises with your pet and don’t just let the groomer collect your pet and return them hours later. Take a good look around, check for the general cleanliness and presentation of the premises. All Pet and dog grooming services that are independent of, or form part of a veterinary service, must be licenced by the local authority to open a business. All operating and opening licences must be displayed, and be in public view.

Ask your groomer questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure they understand what you say and that you can understand them.
Make sure your pet or Dog is happy to be groomed if you decide to use a professional groomer.  Be patient, making it an enjoyable experience for your pet is as important as selecting a suitable groomer in Spain. Bear in mind that if your pet or dog is spoken to and understands English, a Spanish speaking groomer that cannot talk to your pet in English may not be suitable.

Don’t force your dog or pet to be groomed if he/she does not enjoy it.  If you have difficulty getting your pet groomed it may be well worth talking to an animal or pet behaviourist, or get your Vet to first check if your pet has any underlying illnesses or injuries.

Get recommendations for a groomer in Spain.

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Your Vet may be able to recommend a groomer. Many work with or inside veterinarian’s premises. Friends and family and other people with pets in your area may make recommendations. Meet the groomer and be confident about them taking care of your pet.

Vaccinations - before having your pet groomed.

Do they ask for proof of vaccination before using their services?  Many pets and dogs are not vaccinated in Spain. This is important to stop the transmission of diseases between dogs.

Talk to your groomer and let them understand about any sensitive parts or reactions that your pet may have to being touched in certain areas. Your pet may have a nervous disposition and need to be handled in a certain way. Make sure your groomer can recognise the signs and knows how to respond or recognise signs of anxiety.

Are Groomers insured in Spain?

Check that they have insurance to cover your pet in case of an emergency…If they say yes, ask to see the document as many operate without insurance as it is not readily available.

A good groomer will also be able to help you with grooming techniques at home, using the right tools and the right methods, so that you are able to do it correctly for yourself between visits.

Grooming Prices in Spain.

Be realistic about prices. 10 Euros might sound a good deal for grooming services but does this reflect the quality and grooming service you would want for your pet? Are you happy that your pet would be well looked after?

Grooming of a pet refers to both the cleaning of the pet and their hygienic care. It is also used for preparing pets, cats, dogs and horses, for shows by enhancing or improving their general physical appearance. The Pet groomer will earn a living for providing these services and often form an essential part of the pets state of health and well-being. Most pets require regular grooming depending on the type, age, and breed of the pet.

Many pets shed their hairs or moult and some do not. Daily grooming can reduce the risk of skin problems, increase their general cleanliness, forge a closer bond between the owner and the pet being groomed and allow the owner to regularly check the pet for any irregular changes such as lameness, cuts and bruises, ticks and fleas and general health.



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