Protectapet offer immediate cover for any accidents, illness cover effective after 21 days.

Protectapet  Healthcare Plans offer immediate cover. 

All of our Protectapet Healthcare plans offer immediate cover for your pet to cover accidents. 

How long after taking out a Protectapet Pet Healthcare Plan can i make a claim?

You can make a claim on your Protectapet Healthcare Plan from day one. Protectapet offer immediate cover for any accidents that might occur from day one. This does not include any treatment for an illness or disease that has occurred prior to you taking out the policy, nor will it cover you for any illness that appears or shows any clinical signs within the first 21 days of the policy start date. This is a shorter period than any other form of Pet Insurance. 

Most other pet insurance companies will not cover anything during the first 15 day period as experience has shown that people do  take  out pet insurance at a time when they discover their pet is sick or suffering from an injury or illness. They will also exclude any form of illness for the first 30 days, so if your pet were to show signs of any injury within the first 15 days and any illness within the first 30 days, you would not be eligible to make a claim against them.  

Protectapet are proud to offer this immediate cover for accidents, yet again putting our competitors in the position of having to improve their cover to compete, therefore improving your cover. 

Protectapet, the European Pet healthcare Management Organsiation are the only company in Europe specialising in Pet Healthcare Plans. 

No pet insurance company offers the unique pet healthcare products that we can offer, or the type of cover available. No one offers fixed premiums for life, immediate cover, nor do they cover any age or breed. These are just some of the unique features of our policies. 

100% no quibble cashback guarantee.

As with all of our Protectapet Healthcare plans, we guarantee that if you are not completely satified with any of our products within the first 10 days of your policy start date, we offer a full no quibble, money back guarantee. If you are not completely happy with our products, our terms and conditions, or have just changed your mind, don't worry, we will give you a full, inconditional refund. 



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