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Find over 4,500 Veterinarian practices listed in Spain.

Protectapet are providing our clients and visitors with a list of known Veterinarians in Spain and Europe. This list is being constantly updated.

As animal lovers, one of the places that we will need to visit with our pets will be a Veterinarian Clinic, preferably a good one, that speaks your language and is close by. With over 4500 Veterinarian clinics listed on the Spanish vets list, it is important that Vets know about us.

Registration is FREE of charge and any Veterinarian or Veterinarians practice can be listed. If you are looking for a Vet near you, just select the area nearest you to find a local vet in Spain.  

Let your Vet know that you found their details on our pages as this will help us and them provide better details of who and where they are and what services they can provide for our clients and visitors to this site. 

Free directory listings to find other veterinary services in Spain.

Many Spanish and English Veterinarians provide a variety of services. These include general examinations and treatments, emergency services, pet supplies, home visits and surgical procedures, annual vaccinations and consultations. All Veterinarians need to be registered with the Veterinary College and are usually staffed by qualified professionals. Some specialise in specific areas, others offer grooming and associated services.

Veterinarian fees in Spain are usually lower than those in other European countries and they do offer some excellent services, and value for money. Some Veterinarians also offer a collection and delivery service, often free of charge and others offer boarding and kennelling facilities.

You may be thinking of going or migrating to another country and your vet can be invaluable as they can provide you with information on the required inoculations, Pet passports and animal welfare requirements for doing so. They may even be able to arrange suitable transport for your pet to your desired destination import licences and customs clearances.

Some veterinarian clinics in Spain offer a 24 hours a day service, or a special call out number in the case of an emergency.

Many Expats with Pets soon meet other pet owners and often the best way to find a good Vet is by recommendation. Magazines and local newspapers can also help you find a suitable vet in your area as many advertise in them.

AVEPA the Asociacion de Veterinarios Espanoles Especialistas en Pequenos Animales, is an association that most Vets will be members of. This Association started in 1964 and advise Vets on the latest innovations and training.  Details can be found on the AVEPA website at www.avepa.org a Spanish website.


Vets affilaite program -Spain and Europe by Protectapet. A must for all Vets.

Protectapet are proud of the affiliations we have with Veterinary clinics. We provide a service to clients that enables Vets to do what they need to do when it comes to sorting out issues with pets that have been injured or got ill. Clients with pet Healthcare plans have less stress when it comes to worrying about the costs. Vets also benefit because they are often restricted to what they can do to help a pet, by what the pet owner can afford to pay. Many Vets will help clients in need, but they also need to make a living and get returns for the many years of teaching and training that they have to undergo to qualify as Veterinarians.


Offering Vets in Spain an unrivalled opportunity.

By Veterinarians joining our affiliate program, we are offering them the opportunity to provide healthcare products to their clients, which, in turn, will improve their (the Vets) visibility online, on facebook and improve their google rankings. Protectapet are Spain's leading pet plan and pet healthcare plan providers and we offer the best support to our customers. Our claims service is amazing. By increasing traffic to your websites and social media places, Protectapet are helping to improve the relationship between vets and pet owners and also helping to improve awareness and animal husbandry. 

Protectapet offer the best claims service in the industry.

The best pet insurance claims service in Spain in English With the best claims service in this industry we can turn around claims within days. But it is not always about the money or settling a claim for an illness. It is about us being there when you need us most. Our professional staff are all trained to support you in many ways, not just financially and with information, but with moral and personal support.  When you lose a pet to an illness, accidetn or just old age, we understand how traumatic that can be and we are here to talk to you and help you through that grief. 

Our clients have become friends, our clients are considered part of the family and we would like you all to know that you will receive the best support from us at Protectapet. We will call you back when you ask us too and we will provide the kind of specialist support expected from the best in the business - us. 

Many pet owners take their pets to a Veterinary clininc at least once a year for an annual checkup and just to make sure that their pet is properly vaccinated and there are no potential issues. You would be surprised to learn that many dog owners in Spain do not take their pets to a Veterinary clininc unless or until they are too ill to be tended to at home.

By having a pet plan or one of our Protectapet Healthcare Plans, such as the NEW Diamond Plan, one does not need to worry about the unexpected happening when you can least afford it. Protectapet provide easy monthly payment to help spread the low premiums over an extended period. Take a look at the Diamond Plan. 

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Protectapet take every precaution to provide you with correct and up to date details of Veterinarians in Spain and their services. However, we cannot be held responsible, nor do we offer, intimate or imply at this time, any recommendations. Those listed on our search and information pages are purely for the benefit of clients wanting to locate Spanish veterinarian services in Spain.

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