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* Grow your Business.

* Improve your visibility.

* Improve your Google and Facebook Rankings.

* Make more money. 

* Add an additional service to your portfolio.

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How do we do that ? 

By placing our banner on your website or Facebook page, your website viewers can link to us for Pet Healthcare Plans. Each click through to our website is tracked and we pay you for any Pet Healthcare policies or other products that are sold as a result of this link.


The banner may look something like these and will be tailored specificaly for you. 



Once you are registered our website has thousands of daily visitors that have an interest in pets, pet services and products. If you have anything to do with pets, then this is the place for you.

Your business will be visible to thousands of our exisiting pet owners, customers and website users. Protectapet will provide you with a link banner to place on your website or to use on your Facebook profileUsing one of our optimised banners will increase your Google and Facebook rankings and earn you more customers and money.

We can also provide you with a series of interesting and exciting Facebook posts that will encourage your target market, pet  owners, to show an interest in your Facebook page thereby increasing your potential market. Our Specialist Social Media Team will contact you to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a completetly free service to promote your Facebook page. 

By liking it, chatting or just showing an interest, our Specialist Social Media Team will maximise you Facebook page which will provide you with additional direct leads which you can follow up to encourage them to participate in, or, purchase your services. 

Why are we doing this ?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being associated with Europe's Leading Pet Healthcare Management Organisation.

Protectapet are the leading Pet Healthcare Management Organisation in Spain and Europe. 

By joining our network of associated Pet Services you will have an introduction to thousands of local pet owners where your services are of interest to them. We want our customers to use pet friendly and local services within Spain and Europe.

As specilaists, and the best in this field, we want to join forces with you to create a strong, united and friendly pet industry. 

If you would like additional information please call 0034 965756371 between 9am and 5pm Mon-Fri

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Q. If i am a tied insurance agency, can i sell this product ?

YES, Protectapet can be sold by Insurance Agents and Brokers without it affecting your tied agency status. Insurance companies have copied our products to suit the Insurance Industry.

Q. Do i need to be a registered business to join ?

No, anyone can become an affiliate as long as you are over 18 years of age.

Q. Is this an Insurance Product ?

NO, Protectapet are fully registered, authorised and regulated by the DGSFP, The Director General de Seguros y Fondos Y Pensiones in Madrid, Spain, as veterinary and pet healthcare products which can be sold in or by any outlet or business or individual. It is very similar to Pet Insurance but this format allows us to offer better cover for a lower price and give clients fixed premiums for life once they have a policy. Pet insurance companies can´t offer this and other options such as covering any Cats and dogs of any age including those on the Dangerous dogs list. 

Q. Do i need training ?

NO, you do not require training as all our products are easily explained and sold online via our website

Q. How do i make money ?

Easy, we place a banner or image on your website, facebook page or any other site and if someone clicks through to our website and buys a pet healthcare plan, you will receive a commission.  Each click is tracked so that we know it has come from your link.

Q. How much commission will i receive ?

Considerably more than if you were selling a Pet Insurance Plan as an insurance agent. Our Commission rates are one of the highest in the Pet Industry. We will discuss this with you privately once you have registered. Renewal commissions are also available, so if the client renews the Protectapet Healthcare plan the following year, you will get that commission as well. So you can build a trusted long term affiliate program with us. 

Q. Why use our products ?

Protectapet are the leading specialists in this field. With extensive experience and the first to provide this kind of Pet healthcare plan in Europe, our knowledge is extensive. We only specialise in pet healthcare plans and do not delve into other Insurance products. As specilaists we can concentrate our efforts on improving our products, policies and service, so that the Pet Healthcare Policy is always the best value for money with the best cover available.

Q. What is the difference between a Pet Healthcare Plan and Pet Insurance ?

Pet Healthcare plans are only provided by us as specilaists in this field, our expert knowledge allows us to tailor the products so that you achieve better value for money for the best cover available. We can offer flexibility, European cover and such things as premiums fixed for the lifetime of your pet and cover pets over the age of 10 years old.

Pet Insurance companies provide you with policies that are designed to make them money and not necessarily give you the best cover for the best price. 

Pet Insurance companies are not specialists! They offer a product that they do not know much about but feel the need to provide some scope in this field. 

At Protectapet you will get our personal, specialised pet service. All our staff are trained to handle personal and sensitive issues such as the death of a pet and handle claims with sensitivity. All of the staff have pets and are pet lovers and are specially selected for their kindness and knowledge about pets. 

Q. How do i get paid ?

You will receive monthly statements. As part of the registration process you will be required to provide your bank details. We will send you your commission directly to you at the agreed intervals.

Q. How do you know that the sale or referral has come from one of my links ?

As part of the process, we will provide you with a banner or direct link which will include a tracking code that will tell us which link has been followed.Best pet insurance in Spain. Best pet insurance in Portugal. Spanish pet insurance

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