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Protectapet - Spain´s leading Pet Healthcare Plan providers. 

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Protectapet, the European Pet Healthcare Management Organisation are the only company in Europe specialising in Pet Healthcare Plans. No other company offers the unique products that we can provide. As the only specialists in this field we can provide products and services that no other general insurance company, offering you pet insurance, can provide. 

Customer service.

british pet insurance in spain protectapet best customer service ratingAll of the staff at Protectapet are highly trained professionals who will be there for you when you need us most. With over 15 years experience in Spain, we have hand-picked the right people that are pet owners and understand the needs of pet owners. They are compassionate human beings and will treat you as they would expect to be teated. You are not a number to us, you are our friends.

We do understand what it feels like when your pet gets ill or is sick and you have that churning feeling in your stomach and its stressing you out. We are here for you, to help you through those turbulent times and helping towards your pet's recovery, not just financially but emotionally as well.

General insurance companies that offer you pet insurance will not be able to deal with your personal emotions or understand the individual needs of a pet owner that loves their pets. We can and we do - regularly.

The best in the business.

English pet plans in spain protectapet British pet insurance Protectapet are the best in the business. General Insurance Companies cannot offer you a commercial pet insurance policy that can compete with the cover that we provide as standard. As the first Pet Veterinary Plan and Pet Healthcare specialists in Spain, we understand the marketplace and have tailored our products to suit where you live. Have a look below at some of the products and services we offer. 

The only Pet Healthcare Plans with Fixed premiums for life !

NO Pet Insurance Company in Spain can offer this !

British pet insurance in Spain protectapet spains best pet insuranceSince 2004 we have been offering our clients fixed premiums for life for any Pet Healthcare Plans with Protectapet or any of our affiliate agents in Spain. If you take out a policy today your premiums will NEVER GO UP, regardless of the number of claims that you make. Imagine this - If you had taken out a pet insurance policy 15 years ago, would you still be paying the same premium you were paying 15 years ago with any of the other pet insurance companies? Not a chance.  We have pets that have covered by us for over 13 years and they are still paying the original premium from 13 years ago ! In effect, your premiums are discounted each year by the cost of inflation. 

We offer Easy Payment Terms.

bulldog insurance in spain, protectapet pet  insurance in portugalProtectapet are the only company offering monthly payment plans for your pet healthcare plan. Protectapet offer a range of payment plans to suit your needs and budget. Monthly quarterly and annual payments are available as well as direct debits, Visa and PayPal payments.



No fixed term policies.

the best insurance for pets in spain, portugal, gibraltar, greece.After the first *12 months premium there is no fixed term requirements on Protectapet Healthcare Plans. You are free to come and go as you please and you can renew your policy monthly, quarterly or annually and cancel it whenever you like. Pro rata refunds are offered for those on annual polices. * This offer is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

The best Claims Service in Spain.

pet insurance specialists in spain, pet plans europe, portugal, Protectapet

Unlike others, we don`t play dead when it comes to claims, we will contact you when we say we will or when you ask us to. it's all part of the unique service you get from the only specialists in this field. It's unique, friendly and fast. 

Our claims service is the envy of many general insurance companies. We understand the need to process your claim quickly, not just to reduce the financial stress that it may have on you, but to ensure that you have that peace of mind that comes with all of our policies.

Claims can be processed within 5 working days *subject to the receipt of all the correct documentation, and paid directly into your bank account. We will accept claims by post, email or by any other digital media.

Use any Vet of your choice !

protectapet pet insurance in spain, use any vet of your choiceYes, we do understand that your pet does not select the Vet to use - you do. At Protectapet we do not restrict which Veterinarian or Veterinarian hospital or clinic you can and cannot use to treat your pet. Our pets are important to us and we need to ensure that our pets are in the hands of Vets that we like, our pets like, can handle our pet, or may live and work near us. Visit any of the specialists that you prefer as we have you and your pets interests at heart. Selecting a Vet near you has been made easier with our Free Vet locator service.  

Any breed - Any age.

pet insurance spain, any breed, any age, Protectapet insuranceNo premium penalties for older pets joining us. Protectapet are very proud of the fact that we can offer you a Pet Healthcare Plan for ANY BREED of ANY AGE ! No other Pet Insurance Company can offer this facility. It's amazing that they cannot see the sense in this! We don't discriminate over the age of your pet. Whether you have a 12 week old puppy or a 15 year old dog, you will pay the same premium for both.

Kennel & Cattery fees included as standard.

pet insurance in spain, insurance for pets in europe, protectapetAs standard to all our Pet Healthcare Policies we include Kennel & Cattery fees. Should you feel the need to go into hospital from an accident or illness we will cover the costs of your pet in a licenced Kennel or Cattery so that you can concentrate of getting better without worrying about the safety and wellbeing of your pet. We take care of you as well as your pet. 

100% Money back guarantee.

protectapet pet insurance in spain 100% guarantee

As with all of our Pet Healthcare products, we offer an unconditional, no-quibble, 100% money back guarantee within the first 10 days of your policy start date. If you are not completely happy with the product, the terms and conditions, or have just changed your mind, don't worry, protectapet will give you a full refund.



Accidental death cover.

pet insurance in spain, death benefit for pets, protectapetIn the event of your pet having, or being involved in a fatal accident, we will cover your pet up to a maximum of  value.




Veterinary fees.

veterinary fees, pet insurance, spanish, protectapetMany Pet Insurance companies  do not cover the medications for the treatments to your pet in the event of an illness or accident. We do! Vets bills,  medication, is covered as well as including the use of home visits, hospitalisation and aftercare medication.


Lost, straying and stolen.

stolen pet insurance in spain, protectapet, lost pets, straying

When your pet goes missing we understand the frustration and strees involved. Pets need to be found quickly. Protectapet will pay for local advertising costs or a reward scheme to help you try and get your pet back quickly.



European Travel cover.

pet insurance in europe, international pet insurance, protectapetSometimes we find it necessary to take a break from Spain and go back to the UK or visit other parts of Europe. Taking your pet with you, by land, sea or air, may be the only option available. You can pay a little more on your Protectapet Pet Healthcare Policy and add European cover. This will give you emergency cover whilst you are in any of the European countries. 


International Pet Travel.

travel insurance for pets in Europe and worldwide

So what happens if you decide to emigrate to another country and take your pet with you? Will your Pet Transport company cover your pet for any accidents or illness on route to your destination?  We can and we do, more often than you think. Many people move on and either take their pets with them or send them on ahead or afterwards. Get peace of mind and insure your pet against the costs of unexpected illnesses and accidents. Get a quote from us now! 


Pet Passport Cover.

protectapet  pet passport replacement cover for pet insurance If you are living in Spain and have brought your pets and their passports from the United Kingdom or somewhere else in Europe, you will know how expensive it is to replace pet passports. We offer cover for the loss or theft of your pet passport up to a maximum of €250, so that should cover the costs of the replacement. Unfortunately we can't help with the time and effort to get all the paperwork done. Make it easier and keep good quality copies.





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