accident and injury insurance for pet businesses.

All dogs are not the same, don’t have the same temperament, can often be difficult to handle and often have a mind of their own. Protecting yourself against being sued for negligence or in the event of an accident or injury to the pet in your care.

With a comprehensive Pet public liability business insurance, you can gain peace of mind, give your potential clients peace of mind and know that the insurance will cover you in the event of most things happening.

As a dog walker you can also take part in Protectapet’s affiliate program or become an agent and help people discover the benefits of our pet healthcare plans and personal pet liability insurance and earn additional funds for your business.

With our business and public liability insurance, you can also get discounts for covering your own pets for public liability insurance and save even more money.

Contact us or request a call back and we can discuss the levels of cover suitable for your dog walking business. You are under no obligation to purchase any insurances from us, and we will not hassle you to take out any form of insurance with us and we won’t play dead if you ever need to make a claim.

It’s our reputation at stake and we are very proud of it.


How to combine your insurances and save money

Pet business insurance by insurance in Spain

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