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Working with animals as a full-time job makes you a special kind of person. As a dog or cat grooming business, whether you offer a collection and delivery service, have the animals dropped off at your pet grooming parlour, or are offering a mobile dog and cat grooming service, you need an insurance that is going to protect you, your business and give confidence to your clients.

At Protectapet we know what it takes to deal with difficult dogs and even some difficult clients.  All animals have different temperaments and have minds of their own, so you never really know what’s going to happen when you start to interact with them.

We provide a specialised pet insurance service to protect you for the kind of job you do, whether you’re a mobile pet grooming service, have premises or are home based.  As your business grows and expands, we can provide you with supplements to cover added liability to your business.  There are no admin fees for doing this because we believe in providing the best for any Pet services that we deal with.

Protectapet policies can cover most types of liability, employees liability, stock, premises and equipment.

As specialists in Pet healthcare plan and general insurance industry and as the only pet healthcare management organisation in Europe, we pride ourselves in the service and support we offer pet owners and pet businesses.

As a pet groomer we are sure that you will be aware of some of the things that can happen, dog bites, fights, animals running away, dogs being stolen, injuries to yourself or other parties, accidents being caused by runaways and so many more.  With our Liability insurance and personal accident and injury insurance, you will feel safe in the knowledge that we have got you and your pets covered for virtually any eventuality.


Talk to our Corporate Department. Plegasus Europe S.L. provides a host of support for any type of pet business from business plans, funding and advice on how to make your business a success. With over 20 years experience in Spain, having the right advice can make the difference if you want to succeed.

 We can advise you on many aspects of the pet business as we have been involved in all aspects of pet business insurances. Our advice is free and may help with business planning, funding, turnover, advertising, business management and skills you might need to succeed. Our business management director will be happy to discuss any aspect of your new business and provide advice totally free of charge and in complete confidence.

Having been established for more than 20 years in Spain and as the leading pet healthcare plan provider, we now offer a multitude of Pet business insurance and advice.

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Dog grooming and pet business insurance in Spain

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