What is kennel and cattery insurance?

Kennel and Cattery insurance covers the owners of both kennels and catteries, and the animals within their care throughout boarding.

Protectapets Business insurance policies for kennels & Catteries includes Public Liability, that will protect you should a member of the public suffer an injury and deem you and your business responsible. Non-Negligent cover also protects you should a cat or dog get injured in a situation out of your control.

This policy is suitable for people and businesses which are looking to cover their liability to the public whilst carrying out their business activities as a boarding kennel or cattery which is licensed. It is not suitable for those who are only boarding animals within their own homes. We do offer separate insurance policies that cover your pet whilst at home with our Home insurance policies.

Where you operate a commercial licensed boarding kennel or cattery, Protectapet can provide a specialist, tailor-made kennel and or cattery insurance policy to suit your requirements.

Do you need insurance for a dog kennel?

In Spain it is only 5 animals before you have to get the kennel permit.

Many local and regional governments require dog kennel businesses to have insurance. Some areas require you to show proof of insurance before granting you a business license. If your insurance lapses, you could face fines or closure!

What insurance do I need to run a cattery?

To safely run your cattery business you will need:

  • Public liability – This covers legal claims if you injure someone or damage their property.
  • Professional indemnity - covers claims made by clients for loss or damage due to negligent advice or services.

If you're an employee of a Cattery or Kennel you won't need to buy insurance, however, it may be worth checking with the company you're working for to make sure they have employers' liability cover, it's a legal requirement. The business will need employers' liability insurance even if you're volunteer.


Protectapets professional Kennel & Cattery business insurance was designed to meet the unique needs of the pet Kennel & Cattery industry. As a pet Kennel or Cattery business owner, there are several different situations that you could be held liable for, such as:

  • A Cat or Dog gets sick while in your care
  • A pet is injured during an overnight stay
  • A pet owner is injured on your property

Being the owner of a pet kennel or Cattery business is exciting, but it does come with its risks. We know that you have invested a lot of time and effort into your boarding facility and have gained understanding how to manage pets from so many households. However, accidents can still happen. This is why having proper insurance is so important so that you can have peace of mind and protection for your pet kennel or Cattery business in Spain.

Additional business activities, such as a dog walking, can also be included depending on your needs. You can arrange a call back or contact us to help you choose the right Cattery and Kennel insurance for you.


Protect your Pet Business by Insuring your business premises, equipment and outbuildings with Protectapets commercial property Insurance.

Protectapets commercial property Insurance covers your business premises in the event of damage caused by extreme weather, fire in the workplace, water damage or if items in your property were damaged or stolen in a burglary.

Protectapet building insurance (seguro de construcción) covers the fixed property including walls, floors, ceilings, and any internal fixtures.

Request a call back for a free no obligation quote for buildings and contents insurance for your Pet business premises.


Protectapet Business Insurance in Spain provides affordable, top-level general and professional liability insurance for pet kennel and Cattery business owners, and for other types of business insurance.

Contact us or request a call back to get the Pet Business insurance coverage you need.

  • Protectapet offer a Fast & straightforward process

We aim to make buying Pet Business insurance easy, that’s why you can get a quote for your Kennels and Catteries Insurance policy and buy your cover in minutes.

  • Excellent 5 Star Service Rating

We pride ourselves on providing the very best Pet business insurance service available. 

  • Protectapet are Specialists in the Pet Insurance Industry

Protectapet are the leading providers of Pet Business insurance for pet care business, and Pet Healthcare Plans, meaning our experienced team can provide the after-sales support you need.

Our specialist claims team aim to deal with any claim you have, minor or major, quickly and efficiently without causing disruption to your business.

Whether you run a dog walking business, are a pet sitter, a doggie daycare or a kennel or cattery. Protectapet understands that comprehensive insurance coverage is key. We offer a variety of insurance options to suit your Dog or Cat related business needs with affordable pricing. Our insurance packages provide a variety insurance coverage for your business.

On a daily basis, we work with our clients in the Dog and Cat industry to provide personal service that is second to none. We are committed to staying focused and knowledgeable about your business.



Kennel and cattery insurance in Spain

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