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For some pet owners, pet insurance and pet healthcare plans serve as a safety net, to help protect you and your pets against unexpected costs relating to the animal they care for, and from, veterinary bills to liability cover. It also helps reduce the incidents of pets being euthanized due to financial or economic reasons.

How Protectapet can help you and your pet.

Protectapet specialises in offering quality, straight forward pet insurance with both our standard and Diamond Healthcare Plans that give you a choice of exceptional cover to suit your financial needs.  Whether your pet is big or small, our Pet healthcare plans are packed with added benefits.

Accidents can happen at any time and the reality of veterinary costs can come a quite a shock. With our range of healthcare plan options you can get affordable cover for  Dogs,  Cats, and Horses See our range of cover and ge the most affordable Pet healthcare plan quotes available today. 


The Short answer is yes.! Protectapet are the only company that will facilitate your switch to one of our Pet Healthcare plans. 


With Protectapet you are not restricted to when you cancel, nor are you penalised for doing so. If you are not with Protectapet you may have to pay your insurance company an admin fee to cancel and check to see if they will pay you a pro rata refund. Protectapet offer a full money back guarantee on all our policies, allow you to cancel at any time and if you have not made a claim, offer a full pro-rata refund.

How much will it cost to cancel my pet insurance policy?

Protectapet won't charge you anything to cancel any of your policies, and will offer a pro-rata refund if you have not made a claim during that policy year.  Other pet insurance companies are likely to charge you an admin fee and may also not be prepared to offer a pro-rata refund. 

Cancelling a pet insurance policy that is not with Protectapet. 

Your Pet Insurance Company may charge you a small administration fee to cover the paperwork involved with the cancellation of a.n. other pet insurance policy. After the initial 14/21/or 30 days has elapsed, depending on what their terms and conditions are, you can usually still cancel your policy at any time but you won't receive a refund for any premiums you have paid for your pet insurance policy up until the date of cancelling.


The majority of complaints from pet insurance customers are that Pet insurance companies increase prices for their pet insurance every year, and if you have a claim during that year, your renewal prmium can go up by more than 20% depending on the breed and age of your cat or dog.  

If your pet has been insured from year one and you have several claims over the years, the renewal premium penalties can seriously increase your premiums.  protectapet are the only Company to offer FIXED PREMIUMS FOR LIFE , regardless of the number of claims you might make and the breed and age of your pet is not taken into account.  You do not have any renewal premium increases or claim penalties at renewal.  As some pets can live over 20 years, you can imagine the savings you make over time. 

Some Pet Plan companies offer a product called pet lifetime policies, but that is just another way of saying that they won't cancel your policy because of the number of claims you make but will continue to cover an illness as long as you keep renewing the policy and accet that the premiums will continue to go up each year. ntly, at renewal. The best way to check this is to compare your quote and cover for a lesser breed with different companies. They love pedigrees, as they can use the pretext of a pedigree to hike your premiums. 


Changing your pet insurance to A protectapet Healthcare policy couldn’t be easier….

We at protectapet offer fix premiums for life and insure dogs and cats of any breed and any age.

Any pets over the age of 8 weeks old are accepted and there are no premium penalties for Pets joining later in life. Most, if not all other pet Insurance companies in Spain and Gibraltar have an age restriction on pets, usually to a maximum age of 9 years old.

Protectapet Healthcare Plans offer you the ¨fixed premiums for life¨ option. Protectapet guarantee that once you have a policy for one of your pets the premium will never go up regardless of the number of claims made.


Our main concern is your pet. We consider it essential that you do what you feel necessary to protect your pet and keep it in good health. When your pet becomes ill you will want to complete whatever treatment your Vet recommends.  

We would also like to reach our 0% objective of not having to have a pet Euthanized due to economic concerns. We are trying to improve animal husbandry in Spain and with this objective we hope that no pets or animals will ever be put to sleep because the injuries or treatments are unaffordable. 

All of Protectapet´s new Pet Healthcare Plans and products are in English, with claim forms in several languages.

Simple Online and Easy to use Claims Forms.

Protectapet, The European Pet healthcare Management Organisation has the easiest claims form procedure in the industry.  Our new online fast-track claim system enables us to process claims quickly. We pride ourselves in being able to turn around your claim, provided all of the required details are submitted, within 3 to 5 working days.

As the market for Pet Insurance policies in Spain has progressed and more Pet Insurance companies have entered the marketplace, Protectapet have been able to maintain their market lead by innovation and by providing new Pet Healthcare Plans with increasing protection.  With our extensive knowledge and experience in Spain and of the local marketplace, we know what needs to be covered and our new Diamond Plan has the highest cover available in Spain. 

Do I have to cancel my pet insurance before switching pet insurance?

Yes, If you are with another Pet Insurance company you should make sure you cancel your existing insurance policy before signing up to a new one with Protectapet.  They may penalise you for the cancellation , charge you an admin fee, or not give you a pro-rata refund. 

If they are going to charge you an admin fee to cancel your policy and you want to switch to us,  contact us ,and depending on the amount of the admin fee, we may be able to refund that to you if you are switching to one of our Protectapet Healthcare  policies. 

If you are paying your Pet Insurance Company by direct debit, make sure that the bank are aware of the cancellation and that it has been  deactivated.

Can you have two pet insurance policies for the same pet?

Pet insurance companies do not encourage people to have two policies for the same pet at the same time.

Pet Insurers' policy documents often state that if they find you have two policies, they will refuse to pay a claim. So, if both Pet Insurance or Pet healthcare Companies discover this, you may not be able to claim on either.

Some pet owners choose to overlap policies when they are switching to make sure they have cover during the 21-day exclusion period of veterinarian cover on new pet healthcare plans.

If they do claim with their old Pet insurer during the overlap period their new company is likely to treat the issue that was claimed for as a pre-existing condition and may not cover it for the rest of the policy. If you are changing to a Protectapet Policy and we are aware that you are overlapping, to cover the 21 day interim period, Protectapet may cover you for a claim during that period.

What are the alternatives to pet insurance? 

There are alternatives to pet insurance if you want to protect your pet. Including -

Self-insurance for your pet. 

Self-insuring your pet means saving a set amount of money to pay for potential vet bills.

With self-insurance, it’s really important to think about how much you can realistically afford to put aside and keep in a fund to protect your pet.

The risk of self-insuring is that you could run into veterinary costs that are higher than the amount you've saved or expected to pay.

If your pet was involved in an accident, would you have enough to cope with extreme legal fees, and necessary treatment for your pet?  Protectapet healthcare plans and public liability insurance will cover it all. Third party liability claims can run into the 100's of thousands of Euros, so at a minimum you should contract the basic third party liability insurance, which in most cases is less than  €100 a year for up to €300,000of cover, which is the minimum level required by law in most autonomous regions of Spain.


If you are thinking of switching your Pet Insurance to a Protectapet Healthcare Plan, why not have a look at switching your other insurances to….. are one of the fastest growing Expat insurance service companies in Spain, providing Expats with a whole range of insurance products that most companies can’t or won’t provide. We do it all - in English.

Our service to clients is on a one-to-one basis and we will provide you with the best insurance quote to suit your needs from a host of providers. No matter how big or small.. Our service is free of charge, completely confidential and you are under no obligation to buy from us.  All we want to do is make sure you are insured properly and not getting ripped off.


Primarily it is about the service. Spanish businesses are not well known for their services to clients. They never call back when they say they will, are not there to help you when you need them most and often don’t speak your language when it suits them.


By switching your car insurance to can save you money by comparing your car insurance quote to a whole host of insurance providers, get you better cover, cheaper prices, and a much better service.


Leave that to us. Once we have your details of your existing insurance provider in Spain, we will do all the paperwork needed - free of charge. All you will need to do is sign the switch insurance form and we do all the rest.

In order to change to a new insurance company, we will need to notify your current insurance company that you do not want to continue the specified insurance contract at least one month before the date of renewal, otherwise the policy will be extended, and you will have an obligation to pay your renewal premium (by Spanish law) for the following year.



You are entitled to switch virtually any insurance products in Spain as long as they are switched within the specified time period before renewal.

Contact us for more information on how to switch your insurances and start SAVING MONEY TODAY.

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