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Breeding Horses in Spain

Horse breeding is the reproduction of horses. Planned mating’s can be used to create the ideal horse, this is a foal that exhibits all of the strengths, but none of the weaknesses of either parent. Serious breeders typically concentrate on one breed of horse. Some of the most popular breeds are American Quarter horses, Arabians and thoroughbreds. There are other Horse breeders that specialise in breeding horses for specific purposes such as Show Jumping, barrel racing or flat racing.

Horse breeder´s duties

The process of selecting mares and stallions to breed begins with researching pedigrees, genealogical records that include physical characteristics of an animal's ancestors. They also research health histories of animals to increase chances of reproduction and avoid inherited conditions, such as hemophilia and hip dysplasia. A breeder might contract the services of bloodstock agents, who specialise in pedigree information and evaluation.

Horse breeder’s requirements

Horse breeders raise and sell horses for racing, performance and recreational use. They select horses with desirable characteristics and oversee breeding procedures. The completion of an animal science bachelor's degree program can provide the educational foundation for breeding horses. While no specific degree or training is required to begin a career as a horse breeder, many in the industry do have a college degree in a field such as Animal Science, Equine Science, Equine Reproduction, or a related area

What is a pure-bred horse?

A purebred is the term for any horse or other animal derived from a single breed line. The horse must have genuine parents of the same breed.

Buying a pure bred horse

If you are looking for a purebred horse to compete with or breed from, make sure the seller is fully registered with the relevant breed society. a ‘purebred’ horse whose sire and dam are unregistered can often be almost impossible to register unless the owner was a member in good standing of the breed society at the time of its birth. There is no such thing as an ‘unregistered purebred’.

Purebred Spanish Horses

The Andalusian horse is also known as the pure bred Spanish horse or PRE (Pura Raza Espanola). It is a medium sized short backed horse which is well known for its dancing ability. A talented sports horse, the Purebred Spanish Horse is an athletic animal who has been a key mount of war, influenced the classical riding academies, and is now making its mark in dressage and other disciplines.

Most popular horse breeds and their specific purpose

There are over 350 breeds of horses and ponies, each with their own special qualities from working and racing to riding and equestrian competition.

The Ten most popular horse breed categories –

American Quarter Horse

An American quarter horse is an American breed of horse that is famous for its agility, docility and athleticism. This breed excels in on the horse trail and show ring.  

Arabian Horses

A spirited horse not for beginners yet generally loving and loyal. Being the oldest horse breed in the world breeds including the Appaloosas, Morgans and Andalusians can trace their ancestry back to the Arabian.


The most popular racing horse, yet is a multipurpose horse breed often seen in equestrian competitions such as dressage and show jumping. The thoroughbred breed is known for its agility sped and spirit.


The colourful spotted Appaloosa was originally developed for hunting. It's believed to be a descendant of wild horses mixed with the thoroughbred, American quarter horse, and Arabian. This hardy, versatile horse is great for herding, pleasure riding, long-distance trail riding.


The Morgan is a surefooted breed which is used as a driving and ridding horse. As the official horse breed of Vermont, the muscle of the Morgan was used for clearing and tilling New England farms during colonial times.


A warmblood horse is an athletic horse derived by crossbreeding cold large draft breeds with smaller, quicker hot horse breeds. Medium-size horses, including the American quarter horse, Hanoverian, Cleveland bay, and Canadian, are considered warmbloods


A Pony is a small horse that at its fully grown height is only 14.2 hands. An Ideal first time horse for children. A pony can be any of several breeds and is known for its gentleness and endurance.

Grade Horses

Grade horses are of unknown origin as they are of no particular breed. They have no distinguished pedigree so cannot be classed as a cross breed. However they can be just as versatile and loyal as any other breed and benefit from having many of the genetic diseases that pass through purebreds.

Gaited Breeds

Gaited horse breeds are a popular choice for older riders or people that have joint issues. These horses, such as the Tennessee walking horse, Kentucky mountain saddle horse, Icelandic horse, and Paso Fino are bred for a smooth ride and generally go at a intermediate speed.

Draft Breeds

Draft breeds otherwise known as cold blooded heavy work horses. These horses have thick coats and manes that enable them to endure cold weather, and they're not easily spooked. The Clydesdale, Percheron, Shire, and Belgian are some popular examples of these gentle giants.

Locate a reputable horse breeder in Spain

Use Protectapet´s free Horse Breeders directory in Spain to help find the right Horse breeder for you. You can search by area or horse breed and a list of breeders from around Spain with full details & photographs of their stud farms & breeding goals will be at your fingertips.

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