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Most animal rescue centres in Spain are run on a voluntary basis. People give up their valuable time and money to help raise funds and find homes for lost or abused or abandoned pets.

Some are lucky enough to have land and buildings donated by or provided by the local council or local residence, all in support of abandoned animals. The do struggle to find enough finances to keep them going and more often than not, don’t have any public liability insurance.

Hence you might see such signs as enter at your own risk on the gates or something similar to make people aware in a generous way, that they may not have any form of insurance.

At any dog pound or cat rescue centre there is always the risk of being bitten by an unfriendly dog, falling, or slipping on the ground and getting an injury.

As a pet business provider, Protectapet are more than willing to offer public liability insurance to these charities and animal sanctuaries at cost, to help protect them from possible prosecution in the work that they do for free.


Pet rescue centre insurance in Spain. 

Pet rescue centres need to be insured, particularly so if you have members of the public visiting the rescue centre. Public liability is essential to cover them, or more accurately the rescue centre, from being sued if injuries, bites or accidents happen to visitors on the premises.

Animal associations and clubs may run charity events to raise money and this also means that the public may be on your premises and subject to the same criteria.

Protectapet are great advocates for dog and cat rescue centres and offer a special affiliate program for them to join so that they can earn more money for their rescue centres. we admire people that would rather aid and support these rescue centres in Spain and those that are associated and volunteer for them can join the Protectapet rescue centre affiliate program and donate the proceeds to a specified dog pound or cat rescue centre. 

General Insurance Quotes in Spain.

Our General Insurance and Pet business insurance company also offers insurance for events, dog shows, coffee mornings and anything associated with or without animals being involved. You may be doing a show at a hotel, or displaying and promoting your association, pet charity or whatever it might be. Protecting yourself against accident and injury and having a third-party liability insurance, will give you that peace of mind that you are covered for virtually every eventuality.

The old adage ¨Better to have it and not need it ¨definitely applies here and with policies starting from as low as €79 a year dependent on the type of cover needed.

Our specialist pet insurance business team will guide you through all the options to provide you cover for what you need, rather than paying for something that is not relevant to your specific business.

Protectapet are very aware that pet clubs, associations and charities are trying desperately to find homes and care for the animals in their custody and we do all we can to keep the premiums to a minimum to help support them.

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