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Woman with her face against a white horse promoting horse and rider insurance by Protectapet PRIVATE HORSE AND PONY INSURANCE IN SPAIN

Horse and rider insurance is not expensive and every horse owner is required by law, to have a minimum of third party liability insurance when riding a horse in Spain.  Protectapet provide a whole range of horse, pony, stable, riding school, equestrian centre, veterinarian and liability insurances to cover virtually any horse related issues.  We can also insure you horse transportation vehicles and horse boxes.  

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Blacksmiths shop with hammer, horse toe and cleaning brush promoting the Protectapet blacksmiths and farriers insurance            BLACKSMITHS AND FARRIERS BUSINESS INSURANCE 

              if you are a Farrier or Blacksmith in Spain and have clients and customers coming to your workplace or you are travelling and working at a stables or riding school or are a mobile blacksmith, you really do need to have some form of business insurance.  this will protect you from any form of liability.  Protectapet are specialists in the pet business industry and can provide you with an affordable quote and advise you on the type of insurance that is best suited for your business.  Our Protectapet insurance advisors will keep you safe and hammer down the prices. 

White horse in a stable promoting stable insurance in Spain by Protectapet           INSURANCE FOR STABLES IN SPAIN

Stables do not  just protect your horses, they are the hub of your business. this is where you feed, train, exercise and take care of yours  and other peoples horses.  From small home style stables to large equestrian centres, Protectapet can offer you the kind of insurance that will give you the right coverage and peace of mind. 

Whether you want cover for your horses, public liability, your buildings,  stock, foodstuffs and trainers, we do it all when it comes to your business. 


Woman on a brown horse promoting Horse riding school Insurance by Protectapet HORSE RIDING SCHOOL INSURANCE IN SPAIN

If you own or run a horse riding school in Spain, then it will make sense to have the proper insurance to protect you, your horses, your staff and your riders.  Protectapet provide a whole range of insurance for horses and riders.  Let our Equine insurance experts at Protectapet guide you through what is available and get the best cover for your money & keep your business safe. 

Woman grooming a horse promoting horse grooming insurance by Protectapet horse groomers insurance in Spain 

There are many horse groomers and grooming stables in Spain, it is part of the horse riding fraternity.  Protect yourself and your horse grooming business by ensuring that you have the correct and legal insurance for your business in place.   Don´t wait, protect your staff, customers and liabilities, it is the right thing to do.

Protectapet are the best provider of all types of horse insurance in Spain.

3 horse sales on a fence advertising horse and rider insurance by protectapet HORSE, RIDER & TACK INSURANCE IN SPAIN

Horse, rider and tack insurance in Spain is provided by Protectapet, Spain's leading pet healthcare Plan providers.  We also provide a whole range of other insurances to cover your pets including horses, riders, equestrian centres, polo clubs, tack, stables, yards, feed, contents and all the liability you may need.  Contact us, the experts for whatever insurance cover you may need in the equestrian world.  

Woman in a red blouse riding a black horse through a field with the sun in her hair advertising horse riding holiday insurance by Protectapet HORSE RIDING , RIDING HOLIDAY AND TOUR INSURANCE IN SPAIN

 Horse riding holidays in Spanish resorts and mountains are a dream come true for many.  Whether you are a tour operator offering tours for horse riding, or a horse enthusiast looking for that dream holiday.  Protectapet can provide you with all the horse insurance you need to protect you, the rider and your tour operator. 

Little girl sitting on the grass feeding a horse representingg horse sitting insurance for Protectapet


Probably the most important requirement for being a horse sitter is experience, however even with experience accidents can happen.  Protect yourself, your horse sitting business, the horses and the people around you with a Protectapet tailor made insurance policy that has been specifically made for Equine horse sitters in Spain.  Our insurance cover can include anything from horse and rider, to business, tack, horse shops and premises, liability insurance, personal accident and injury insurance, to name a few.  Let us take care of your business so you can concentrate on taking care of the horses.


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