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Get the best insurance quotes from the best insurance provider in Spain in English

Congratulations, you have found one of Protectapet's sister companies that can offer you  a much improved general insurance quote for just about anything that needs insuring in Spain. Our specialist team of qualified professional Expats can talk you through all the different types of insurance and policy cover that you could ever need, in English.

 you can obtain special discounts if you have any Protectapet Healthcare Plan policies when you quote your Protectapet Policy number. 

Motorhome, Campervan, RV and Caravan insurance specialists in Spain MOTORHOME & CAMPERVAN INSURANCE SPECIALISTS -EUROPE


We are the Appointed Liberty Seguros Insurance Specialists for Motorhome, Campers, Caravans and RV’s in Spain. We offer the best cover at the lowest prices, offer a full European Breakdown Recovery Service and can cover any British registered vehicles in Spain with annual European cover. Our fully trained and experienced English Staff are some of the top specialists in the Motorhome Insurance industry, understanding the individual needs and protections available to you in Spain and Europe.  5 Star rated service.

Nest of copper eggs representing life insurance specialists at www.insuranceinspain.comEXPAT LIFE INSURANCE IN SPAIN 


Finding the right type Life insurance in Spain can be fraught with stress as many companies do not Specialise in this product, Banks will offer expensive low cover policies that are not transferrable and insurance agents and brokers will oversell you the values. Whether you need life insurance in Spain to cover a loan, a mortgage,  your funeral expenses or just to leave your family a nice little nest egg when you are gone, get the right advice from our fully qualified, experienced British staff. 

For all types of property insurance in Spain with PROPERTY INSURANCE SPECIALISTS IN SPAIN. 


Insuring your property properly in Spain is one of the most important insurances you can contract. Bank insurance policies are there to protect the bank, not you and your property. Find out how to make sure your most valuable asset is protected in Spain by contacting our Specialist team of house and property experts. They will explain everything to you and advice on how to insure your property in the correct and legal manner to ensure you are protected. 

The health insurance experts in Spain. THE BEST HEALTH INSURANCE QUOTES IN SPAIN.


Getting the best Health Insurance quote in Spain can be a laborious task with hundreds of Spanish and British companies offering a large variety of health insurance to Expats. Not many offer services in English and you really need to speak to our Health Insurance Specialists to find you the right policy for you and your family. Get the right Health insurance cover and don't pay for what you don't need. Our service is completely private and confidential. 


Funeral Plan and funeral insurance Specialists in Spain.FUNERAL PLANS & FUNERAL INSURANCE SPECIALISTS IN SPAIN. 


Don't be conned by some of the exorbitantly priced funeral plans or funeral insurance that is offered by some insurance agents and brokers in Spain. We can provide a selection of some of the best and most affordable funeral planning advice in Spain. With over 20 years experience in this field in Spain, we can find you the right plan and even cover you for your remains to be repatriated to your country of choice, after all, they all use the same funeral homes and cremation centers in Spain and we can offer plans that cover repatriation if required. 

Map of the United Kingdom advertising British plated car insurance in Spain by www.insuranceinspain.comTHE BEST QUOTES FOR ENGLISH PLATED CAR INSURANCE IN SPAIN 

Finding insurance for British or English plated vehicles in Spain is growing more difficult by the day. Not because of Brexit, but because insurance companies don't feel there is enough of a market to make it worthwhile. We do, and we can often provide Uk Plated vehicle insurance cheaper than you can get it in the UK. Our cover also includes annual protection for anywhere in Europe, so you can drive freely throughout Europe including the UK, legally and without any worries about a green card or breakdown and accident recovery. 

Faeton mirage fishing boat trolling with the sunset ahead promoting marine insurance in Spain MARINE & BOAT INSURANCE IN SPAIN 

Get the best marine and boat insurance quotes in Spain, in English. We provide top quality insurance cover for the marine and private boating sector all around Spain and the Mediterranean, including total loss.  Our Sports boating insurance can include full liability and offer additional cover for water skiing or for those that wish to charter their yachts or for holiday boat rentals  including jet skis. Whatever you need we will be able to find an insurance to suit you, from super yachts to small inflatable dingies . 

Damon Ross Massingham on a Ducati red motorcycle promoting motorcycle insurance in spain MOTORCYCLE, QUAD & SCOOTER INSURANCE IN SPAIN.

One of the most popular pastimes in Spain and a enigma on the Spanish racing circuits, the Spanish love their motorcycle racing and they may be forgiven for their passion for motorcycling on the Spanish roads. We do provide motorcycle, scooter and quad insurance for Expats in Spain, including young drivers and European breakdown recovery insurance.  We can insure most two wheeled vehicles including those registered in the United Kingdom. for use anywhere in Europe.

Young woman trekking over the mountain in the sunset promoting personal accident and injury in Spain for www.insuranceinspain.comPERSONAL ACCIDENT & INJURY INSURANCE IN SPAIN

Our Personal Accident and Injury insurance in Spain will cover you for accidents injuries at home, at work or at play. This affordable insurance , from as little as €79 a year, is ideal for those that do a lot of sports, spend a lot of time gardening, or for walkers and people that are quite active. Whatever the accident or injury, medical cover is available and will save you money and time on treatments and disbursements.

A little bit about was esablished to provide the Expat community with an insurance provider that could cover just about every type of insurance you could ever need in Spain. We have gone to extraordinary lengths to provide a fast and efficient customer service platform and searched for the best insurance policies on the market. 

No easy task as many insurance providers are not interested in providing services for some of the cheaper premium products such as liability insurances as the time taken to source and correctly compile these can be time consuming. We do and will take whatever time it takes to find, discuss and provide you with any type of cver you need if it is available in Spain. 

Our insurance product range.

Our Insurance product range is very extensive and we have spent years building our portfolio of insurance products. with everythng from aircraft and drone insurance to  young driver insurance . We have provided a link to most of the type of insurance that we can provide, below, and if you dont see the type of insurance you need, please contact us for details and a quote. 

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