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Expanding into other markets.

Proptectapet are proud to announce that we can now provide you with all forms of general insurance products with a link to our highly recommended sister company www.insuranceinspain.com.  Here you can obtain an insurance quote for just about anything you need at very competetive prices.

Quality Service.

Of course, you will also receive the same quality service that Protectapet have been providing for the past 15 years, for which we have become well renown. Like Protectapet, you are treated as a valuable individual and not a number. We value our clients and will do all we can to ensure that you receive a quality insurance product from well respected companies. As an insurance agency, www.insuranceinspain.com is part of the Plegasus Europe S.L Group. 

What insurances can they provide?

www.insuranceinspain.com can provide just about any form of general insurance product that you need. From basic scooter insurance to covering luxury cars and villas anywhere in spain. Cheap car insurance is one of their specialities as well as the excellent cover provided by their house and holiday home insurance products.


A summary of the insurance products that www.insuranceinspain.com can provide. 


Insuring your Apartment or Flat in Spain.

cheap apartment, flat, holiday home and travel insurance in spain Renting your apartment or flat in Spain.

Whether you own your apartment or flat, rent one, have one to let to improve your income or to cover mortgages and loans, we know that protecting your Apaprtment in Spain by insuring your apartment in Spain as one of your most valuable assets is essential. Apartment building and contents insurance and rental liability insurance are some of the covers available. 


Insuring a British Registered Car or Vehicle in Spain

cheap english registered car insurance in spain

Insuring your English registered car or vehicle in Spain.

This is a simple and often rewarding process. Rewarding because it can be cheaper to insure your British or UK registered vehicle in Spain. Our cheap car insurance policies in Spain meet all legal requiremets. Cover starts from third party liability to fully comprehensive car insurance cover. Breakdown and legal assistance are included as well as being able to drive anywhere in Europe.


Bicycle Insurance in Spain

bicycle insurance in spain cheap cycling insurance in spain Insuring your bicycle in Spain.

Bicycles today range from small pedal cycles to fully motorised electric bicycles and racing bicycles that can cost a lot of money. Insure them from theft and damage and protect yourself from accident and any injury that may occur with a bicycle insurance policy from www.insuranceinspain.com. www.insuranceinspain.com can provide bicycle insurance in Spain at low costs. 


Breakdown Recovery Insurance in Spain

cheap breakdown recovery insurance in spain british car insurance in spain

When your vehicle breaks down in Spain.

It is illegal to tow a car using another vehicle in Spain unless it is a specific company designated to provide this service. Our breakdown recovery service insurance which is included in most vehicle insurance policies, will ensure that your vehicle and you are looked after. There is a free phone number that operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year and  your cover starts from home.


Business and Commercial Insurance in Spain

cheap business and commercial insurance in spain

Protecting your business assetts

Whether you have commercial premises, own a shop or boutique, have an online business, operate from a mobile location or from home, business and commercial insurance can protect you from some of the pitfalls in business. Automatic cover for goods, theft, employee dishonesty, deterioration of refrigerated stock, vandalism, consequential losses and loss of profit, with commercial insurance in Spain. 


Camper Van, Motorhome & RV Insurance in Spain & Europe.

campervan and motorhome insurance in spain cheapBetter to be safe than sorry.

Campervans, Motorhomes, Camping trailers and Caravans are extremely popular in Spain and there are thousands of campsites available all year round. Unlike many European countries, Spain has an open policy and does allow free parking and camping in selected areas. Safety and security are good on approved campsites. 



Car Insurance in Spain

cheap car insurance in spain quote comparisonCar insurance in Spain 

Car Insurance starts from the basic legal minimum insurace of third party, third party fire and theft cover, with or without windscreen cover to fully comprehensive. All include as standard, breakdown recovery and legal defence cover. Vans can also incorporate their contents, such as tools or goods used for your business. Named drivers only or for any driver use. Specific excess limits can help reduce insurance premiums. 



Caravan & Towing Insurance in Spain

caravan insurance in spain with towing and breakdown recovery insurance Insuring your caravan in Spain is simple. 

If you have car insurance with www.insuranceinspain.com we can incorporate your caravan towing insurance within your car insurance policy. If the caravan or anything else you are towing or need to tow is over 750kg we can provide you with bespoke insurance cover. We can also insure British and foreign registered caravans and trailers. Insurance for boat and garden trailers, horse boxes, commercial trailers for business, box trailers and much more. 



Cat Insurance in Spain

pet insurance in spain and europe cheap policies in english cat dog petplanFor the best pet insurance in Spain.

We all love our precious cats and pets and want to be able to afford them the protection they need should they become ill, without the worry of huge veterinary bills from illnesses or accidents. We can offer pet insurance plans, healthcare plans and pet insurance to give you that peace of mind. Everything from veterinary bills, medication, accidents, illnesses, death benefits, and much more is covered under their pet insurance policy. 


Community Insurance in Spain

community insurance in spain for urbanisations buildings and contents

Check your community insurance policy in Spain.

If you live on an urbanisation and you pay annual fees towards the maintenance and upkeep of that community, you should ask your community for a copy of your Community insurance policy and read it. Such things as 24 hour a day, 365 days a year free call out assistance in the event of burst pipes and water leaks should be included as standard. If your community or urbanisation has one of our policies you can get some serious discounts on your own home and contents insurance. Call us for details.


Commercial & Van Insurance in Spain 

car van insurance in spain truck 4x4- RV camper campervan motorhome auto

Vans & Commercial vehicles are easy to insure.

Van and commercial vehicle insurance in Spain is available through us. Many more people today own vans, pick up trucks and small commercial vehicles to use them as their daily means of transport. Combining  and having the right vehicle insurance makes sense. 




Dangerous Dog Insurance in Spain

dangerous dog insurance in spain dangerous dog list in spain

Is your dog classified as dangerous in Spain?

If you own a dog over 20kg in weight, regardless of age or breed, it may be classified as a dangerous dog in Spain. New laws and regulations in all autonomous regions of Spain require by law, that all dogs classified as a dangerous dogs or breeds must have a minimum third party liability insurance, protecting you against your dog biting or injuring someone or you being sued. 



Funeral Plans in Spain

funeral plans and health insurance in spain

Are funeral plans really worth the money?

Funeral planning and funeral plans in Spain are the trend at the moment. Funeral plans in Spain allow you to pre-pay for your funeral costs now, at today's prices and ensures that your next of kin and relatives do not have to worry about your funeral costs if and when you pass away in the future. There are other, simpler and cheaper ways to cover your funeral costs and leave additional funds for your family after you have gone. 



Golf Insurance in Spain

Spanish golf insurance in Spain in English for all golf equipment and liabilities.

Spain has some of the  best golf courses in the world.

Spain's favourite pastime - Golf. With hundreds of spectacular golf courses all over Spain this is a golfers paradise. Not so when your golfing kit has been stolen or damaged or you have a to pay a large drinks bill in the 19th hole for a hole-in-one! We can offer golf insurance to cover your golf buggy, golf clubs and the hole-in-one. Relax, enjoy your golf and take the worry and stress out of any concern about your expensive golf clubs. Call us for golf insurance in Spain now!


Health Insurance in Spain

health insurance in Spain medical EHIC cards and spanish SIP cardsThe best Expat Health Insurance in Spain.

Having health insurance in Spain is a very big consideration if you live, work or have retired to Spain. The medical and healthcare service in Spain is very highly rated and many Expats seek private medical insurance to have that peace of mind in the event of any medical emergency and gain early access to any healthcare treatments needed. Health insurance is not expensive and is an absolute must for foreigners living in Spain. Individual and family plans are available to suit your needs. Some pre-exisiting conditions are eligible for cover. 


Holiday Home Insurance

holiday home insurance in spain rentals lettings and holiday villas insurance Your holiday home in the sun-a big investment worth protecting.

We all dream of a holiday home in the sun and for many of us having that holiday home in Spain is that dream come true. Protecting that holiday home when you are not there is imperative. Insurance for your holiday home in Spain will cover you for things like burst pipes, damage from storms, theft and vandalism and all those things you might worry about when you are not there. Rest easy with our holiday home insurance that provides you with 24 hour, 365 days a year home assistance even if you are away. 


House, Home and Villa Insurance in Spain

house home and holiday home insurance in spain with  building and contents insurance

Protecting your main asset in Spain with insurance. 

From small apartments, houses, urbanisations or private villas, www.insuranceinspain.com can cover them all, even if you have decided to rent out your property when you are not there. With 24 hour, 365 days a year free call out and assistance service, you won´t have to worry about any emergencies at home. www.insuranceinspain.com have comprehensive contents and all risks policies to cover valuables, computers, laptops and tablets, even your handbag whilst your out and about. 



car insurance in spain, home insurance in spain health insurance in spain

Changing the face of insurance in Spain.

At www.insuranceinspain.com we aim to provide you with the best products and services available. We will be there for you when you need us most. Our staff are multi-lingual and will assist with any inquiries regarding insurance that you may have. Get a quote online or pop into our offies in Benitachell and join us for a coffee.



Fishing Insurance in Spain

fishing insurance in spain ebros cat fishing hunting insurance in spain Fishing for insurance in Spain?

Fishing is big business in Spain with the Ebro Delta becoming the capital of big catfish fishing in Europe. The northern territories of Spain have become famous hunting grounds. Insuring your equipment and fishing tackle from theft, misuse or simply protecting yourself from injury is essential. Fishing equipment can be very expensive to replace and fines can be high if you do something wrong.  



Hunting insurance in Spain 

hunting insurance in spain fishing game gun insurance in spain Hunting for Insurance in Spain?

Hunting is big business in Spain with the northern territories of Spain having become famous hunting grounds. Insuring your guns, equipment and tackle from theft, misuse or simply protecting yourself from injury is essential. Hunting equipment, guns, shells, clothing and boots can be very expensive to replace and fines can be high if you do something wrong. 



Life Insurance in Spain

life insurance in Spain death corpse repatriation cremation funeral burial insurance Death and taxes-a certainty in Spain.

Living in Spain is all about having fun and enjoying our life. The unexpected can happen and Life insurance premiums in Spain are low and this is an excellent way to provide for your family or relatives if something should happen to you. Even a small life insurance cover of 10,000€ will cover your funeral costs and provide additional funds. With low premiums and cover up to the age of 80, our life insurance plans are worth having. Read more.

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Marine Insurance in Spain

boat insurance in spain, marine insurance, speedboat, jetski, watercraft, yacht dinghy insurance Boat insurance-all you need to know.

Marine and boat insurance in Spain protects you and your boat in the event of any form of catastrophe at sea, whilst towing or even if it is moored in a Marina. With mandatory civil liability cover, damages to the boat itself and cover for the hull, engine, sails, masts, auxiliary equipment and crafts, special fixtures and equipment, personal belongings and the trailer.  Accidents and loss of life, death and permanent disability, are just a few of the items covered in this fantastic boat insurance cover. Read more.

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Private Medical Insurance in Spain

health insurance in spain medical, private, healthcare, insurance in spainHealth insurance for Expats in Spain.

The medical system in Spain is excellent and if you work here and contribute to the system you have access to the Spanish medical system. If you are early retired or live here and do not work, the chances are that you will require private medical insurance. Private medical insurance in Spain is not expensive and the medical care provided is highly rated by the Expats that live and work here. As everyone´s medical needs are different, please consult us for a quotation for Medical Insurance. Read more.

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Motorcycle Insurance in Spain

cheap motorcycle insurance in spain scooter quads and 4x4 offload vehiclesA bikers haven in Spain.

With fabulous mountain roads and idyllic scenery, it is no surprise that Spain is a nation of motorcyclists. whether a small 50cc scooter, a vintage motorbike, a road or racing bike, quad, three wheeler, enduro or motorcross, we can source the motorcycle policy to suit your needs. These policies are designed to provide you with essential or comprehensive cover and roadside assistance with breakdown recovery which can be used anywhere in Europe. Younger drivers can also be covered. Read more.

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Motorhome, Camper & RV Insurance in Spain & Europe.

cheap motorhome insurance in spain camper van insurance

Travelling by Motorhome in Spain made Easy.

Insuring your Motorhome or Campervan in Spain to travel anywhere is a very simple process. Insurance policies specifically designed for Motorhomes and Campervans are available from www.insuranceinspain.com. These Motorhome and Campervan insurance policies can include British registered vehicles and incorporate a full breakdown and recovery service, as you are not permitted to recover by  towing a vehicle in Spain and ensures that you are not stranded on the side of the road.  Read more.

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Personal Accident and Injury Insurance in Spain

accident and injury insurance in spain private personal, activity insurance Cover any accidents at work or at home.

Personal accident and injury insurance in Spain is designed to protect people who enjoy their free time by practising their favourite hobbies or sports such as cycling, hiking, skiing, athletics, tennis, paddle boarding, windsurfing etc. When you feel protected against unforeseen circumstances you will enjoy your leisure time even more. 



Pet Insurance In Spain

pet insurance in spain cat dog kitten puppy petplan insurance in spain

Liberty Seguros will protect your pet.

This policy from Liberty Seguros is perfect for dog and cat owners who wish to protect their pet from expenses that may incur. Your Pet insurance benefits are covered anywhere in Europe and includes a phone help line which provides information, advice and a legal assistance service. Read more.




Public Liability Insurance in Spain

public liability insurance in spain for business and mobile businessesPublic liability Insurance will keep you out of trouble in business.

Public liability insurance in Spain covers claims made by members of the public for incidents that occur in connection with your business activities. This includes activities that take place off-site, at events and activities organised by your company and covers anyone, apart from employees, with whom you interact as part of your business operations.




Rental Property Insurance in Spain

cheap rental property insurance in spain holiday home house insurance in spain Protecting your rented property with insurance in Spain.

Many people buy property in Spain to use as a holiday home and in the interim periods often rent it out to get an additional income. It is important to have the right kind of property rental insurance or holiday home insurance to make sure that in the event of an emergency, you have that all important 24 hour, 365 days a year emergency call out service. Fire, explosion, lightening, water damage, vandalism, theft and much more are covered under these policies. Read more.

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Static Caravan & Static Home Insurance in Spain.

static caravan and mobile home insurance in spain

Budget insurance for static homes and caravans.

Static Caravans and static homes are very popular in Spain and many are permanently situated on campsites and individual plots of land. Used for holiday or permanent homes for residents in Spain, they can be a cheaper alternative to buying a fixed abode. Insurance products are available and we are here to advise you on the correct policy to suit your insurance needs wherever you are. 

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Trailer Insurance in Spain

trailer insurance in spain towing insurance spain horse boxes boat,baxHitch up with our insurance for Trailers. 

If you have a trailer, whether it be for garden refuse, a boat trailer, a horse box or something similar that you use in Spain that is under 750kg capacity, we can normally include cover free of charge if you have a car, van or commercial vehicle insurance with us. For trailers over 750kg www.insuranceinspain.com can provide a bespoke insurance policy for whatever your trailer is or is used for. Read more.

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Travel Insurance in Spain

travel insurance in spain holiday vacation travelling Spanish accomodation-Insurance for all travel destinations from Spain and Europe.

Travelling, going on holiday or just taking a break has always been seen as a pleasurable experience. Today the travel industry has changed with so much at stake from terrorism, loss of baggage, incessant delays and cancelled flights, it is no wonder that most of us seek some form of travel insurance in Spain. You should ask yourself if your travel insurance covers you in the event of a terror attack - ours does. Skiing, sports, single and multi-trip options are available. Read more.

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Quad Insurance in Spain.

quad insurance in spain quote comparison cheap quad insurance spain

Quad, a four wheeled, off-road utility vehicle.

With many off road links and amazing country and mountain roads all over Spain, Quads have become very popular. www.insuranceinspain.com can provide insurance for Quads in Spain which insures you, the Quad and your passengers. Quad insurance in Spain is a legal requirement and helmets must be worn at all times.  GET A FREE QUAD QUOTE NOW >> OR read more about quad insurance in Spain.


Making a Claim

icheap health insurance in spain car, house, home ,medical, emergency, life,pet

www.insuranceinspain.com pride ourselves on the service that we give to our customers. When you make a claim we will listen to your needs, be professional, polite and help you in every way that we can. You are not a number and we will not treat you as such. When we say we will call you back you can rest assured that we will. Your emails will be answered promptly and we will respond to requests as quickly as possible. Claims will be chased on a regular basis and we will keep you informed of progress at all times. Thanks you for understanding. 



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Liberty Seguros in Spain.

www.insuranceinspain.com in collaboration with Liberty Seguros

Often have Special Offers available from time to time with regard to General Insurance products in Spain. These offers are usually time limited and are only available for set periods and for specific insurance products. If you would like to be kept up to date on what Special Insurance offers are available, please send an email to sales@insuranceinspain.com or contact us and we will enter you on to our emailing list so that you don't miss out on the opportunities to save time and money when it comes to quality insurance in Spain. These Special offers on insurance relate to cash back offers and they are for new policies only. 

At www.insuranceinspain.com we are all conscious of the fact that insurance premiums in Spain have a tendency to rise each year as local Spanish insurance providers and insurance companies in Spain seek to provide better insurance cover for lower prices in a very competitive market. Our aim and fundamentally our job, is to secure the proper and correct insurance cover possible for you at the best possible price. This we promise to do to the best of our ability. Obtain a quote for www.insuranceinspain.com online and see how easy we have made the process. 


health insurance in spain holiday home, car insurance, pet, EHIC cards

www.insuranceinspain.com is a regulated company in Spain.

www.insuranceinspain.com are proud to offer all of our clients living, working, retired, on holiday in Spain and any potential new users, total customer satisfaction and the guarantee that we will do all we can to satisfy your insurance requirements in Spain. We have annexed below a list of the common insurance products that we provide. If for any reason you do not see the insurance product or insurance cover that you need, please contact us in the first instance and our qualified, multilingual and professional team of insurance experts will source the cover for you. 

www.insuranceinspain.com are fully compliant with all regulations relating to operating and trading in Spain as an exclusive insurance agency for Liberty Seguros. The company´s Fiscal Identification Number (CIF) is A-48037642 and its registered address is at Calle Obenque 2, 28042 Madrid.

The company´s activities are overseen by the Directorate General for Insurance and Pension Funds and are recorded in the Special Registry of Insurers under entry C-0467 and in the Special Registry of Pension Fund Managers under entry G-0056.

As Exclusive Agents for Liberty Seguros and under written agreement, Wayne Massingham is also authorised to sell under licence, products provided by DKV Seguros Y Reaseguros, S.A as Health Insurance products that Liberty Seguros are unable to provide.

car insurance in spain, health, pet,house,home,holiday home and travel insurance

The Liberty Mutual Group is one of the largest insurance and financial service groups in the world. Founded in 1912, it has been insuring millions of people spread across five continents for over 100 years. Experience, reliability, resources and dedication www.insuranceinspain.com works doing everything we can to make sure our clients have peace of mind.  

Liberty Seguros provides some of Spain's best selling insurance products, with professional backup and support and a superb claims service. They also provide such things as a 24 hour, 365 day home assistance, breakdown recovery service and legal defence. 

At www.insuranceinspain.com we have come across many unusual requests for insurance in Spain and we do our best to research and provide our clients with the best advice and insurance products on the market. We have incorporated a list of basic insurance products available, but it is not all inclusive. If you don't see the type of insurance that you require, please contact us and we will find the right product for you at the best possible price. 


The company Liberty Seguros, Compañía de Seguros y Reaseguros, S.A. is registered at the Madrid Registry of Companies in Volume 21275, Section 8, Folio 83, Page M-377257.

The company´s Fiscal Identification Number (CIF) is A-48037642 and its registered address is at Calle Obenque 2, 28042 Madrid.

The company´s activities are overseen by the Directorate General for Insurance and Pension Funds and are recorded in the Special Registry of Insurers under entry C-0467 and in the Special Registry of Pension Fund Managers under entry G-0056.

As Exclusive Agents for Liberty Seguros, and under written agreement, as an Exclusive Agent for Liberty Seguros, Wayne Massingham is also authorised to sell under licence, products provided by DKV Seguros Y Reaseguros, S.A as Health Insurance products that Liberty Seguros are unable to provide.

www.insuranceinspain.com are registered as exclusive Insurance Agents for Liberty Seguros and Mr Wayne Massingham is the Mediator.


Registered with the DGSFP under code number C0467X02326481P with registered offices at Carrer Les Capalletes 18, Bajo. Benitachell, 03726.