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Equine insurance in Spain.

Equine, Horse and Pony Insurance in Spain, whether you looking for rider, horse, Veterinary Cover  or third party liability insurance, is available.  As such, Protectapet do not, at this juncture, provide our own policy. However, as we have received so many requests to do so, we have researched the marketplace and selected a company that we are affiliated to, so that we can provide you with a quick and easy solution.

Protectapet can provide a variety of Horse and Pony insurance products to suit your individual requirements. In addition to the insurance for your Horse or Pony, we can also cover horse boxes, trailers and third party liability for riders. 

There are two types of cover available for your horse insurance. BASIC and FULL. Most horse insurance premiums are  based on the age of the Horse.                                                                                                          

The Advantages of the BASIC Horse Insurance policy in Spain

Your Horse is Insured under a contracted value and not under a market value.

This product is designed to cover the main market requirements for Horse insurance in Spain, which are often mandatory, such as third party liability horse insurance, carcass and dead animal removal and death coverage up to 1,000.

BASIC Cover includes:-

Death up to 1,000

Liability of 300,000€ with the first excess of 150.00

Legal Defence cover up to 6,000

Carcass and dead animal removal cover up to 250.00

Example of Premiums for the Basic Horse Insurance:-

A horse up to the age of 14 years old would incur a premium of approximately 97.66€ but would also depend upon the individual circumstances of the horse and/or Owner and the conditions upon which the horse is cared for.

The Advantages of the FULL Horse insurance policy in Spain

Your Horse is Insured under a contracted value and not under a market value.

horse veterinary insurance in spain, protectapet

Hospital costs such as sutures, bone fractures and/or wounds caused by bull horns, are included.

You can go to the associated centres without the need to make any advance payments.

No excess payable with the exception of any claims made for third party liability.

This Horse Insurance policy is designed to protect your horse´s health. 

In the event that your horse has an incident that is covered by the policy, they will pay for hospital costs. In the event of the death of your horse, the contracted insurance company will compensate you to the value of the contracted value of the horse.

FULL cover includes:-

Death: up to the value contracted for the horse.

Euthanasia: up to the horse´s value.

Theft: up to the horse´s value.

Hospital Costs:

-Medical Colic                                         4,000€

-Surgical colic                                         4,000€

-Sutures                                                  4,000€

-Fractures                                               4,000€

-Wounds caused by bull horns            4,000€

-Carcass and dead animal removal    250€

Example of Premiums for the FULL Horse Insurance:-

A horse worth 3,000€ up to the age of 14 years old would incur a premium of approximately 143,30€ but would also depend upon the individual circumstances of the horse and/or Owner and the conditions upon which the horse is cared for.

Additional Cover:-

Public Liability: 306,000€ with 150€ as the first amount deductible on any claim and Legal Defence of 6,000€

Emergency Horse Transport In case of an incident covered by the policy, round trip transportation is included up to 150 Klms, as long as it is made and approved by the contracted insurance company.

Insure your horsebox.

Our sister company can also insure your horsebox to keep you street legal. Remember that if your horsebox is not insured, the horse or horses inside may not be covered under your horse policy. Transporting horses and livestock on Spanish roads, particularly in tourist season, is no easy task. Under normal car or 4 x 4 insurance policies you can tow a trailer or box  trailer behind your vehicle up to a maximum weight of 750Kg as part of the standard vehicle insurance, as long as it is mentioned or included on the policy. As long as they know you are towing a trailer and have one listed on your policy, and it is under 750Kg, the trailer can normally be covered free of charge on your vehicle policy. However, once the trailer goes over a 750Kg capacity, you will need a specific trailer insurance policy to tow the trailer. Your vehicle must also be classified as having the ability or towing capacity for said trailers. 

Breakdown and recovery insurance.

horse box and trailer recovery insurance in spain, protectapetDon't make the assumption that you can tow a broken down vehicle and/or horsebox and trailer in Spain, it is illegal and will leave you open to some heavy fines if you attempt to do so. Breakdown, recovery or SOS insurance is compulsory for all vehicles in Spain. This is where it is important to have the trailer recognised on your insurance policy.

When and if you were to breakdown with a horsebox, with or without the horse/s inside, it will be important for the breakdown recovery vehicle to collect you, to know that you have a trailer and horse to move as well. They will then either send two separate 'Gruas' as they are known here, or one big enough to accommodate your vehicle and trailer on their breakdown recovery vehicle. 

Horse and Carriage Insurance in Spain. 

Don't forget- You will often see horses or ponies pulling a beautifully decorated carriage on the Spanish roads. Some are old work carts that are used to collect oranges or crops from the fields when old traditional methods are used. Nowadays these horse and cart combinations are used fro weddings and many other events. We do insure them with a third party liability so if you have a horse and want to pull a cart as well, we have the perfect insurance for you. 

We will be adding a list of services that people, Companies and horse enthusiasts provide for clients in Spain. If you have any dealings with people and horses or have a company that you would like to promote on our Website, please contact us in the first instance.

Horse grooming & breeders in Spain. 

free horse breeders directory in spain and europe by protectapet

horse grooming directory, search and listing

Protectapet provide a free horse grooming and horse breeders directory service on this website. If you know of anyone that grooms or breeds horses, please let them know and we can guide our clients to their services. It is completely free of charge.


Some useful links:- 

Caballo Blanco Horse Riding and Trekking Centre.

An well established (1993)  horse trekking and horse riding centre based in the heart of Andalucia, Spain. They offer unique horse riding holidays in Spain. They are situated on a plateau at a height of 1200 metres above the spa town of Lanjaron in the Alpujarra region of Andalucia.

Sierra Trails

With its rich variety of landscapes and consistently beautiful scenery, La Alpujarra and the Sierra Nevada mountains offer some of the most spectacular horse riding countryside in Europe. Less than two hours from the Mediterranean sea and with more than 20 peaks over 3,000 metres, riding through this ever changing landscape is an unforgettable experience. 

Horse insurance in Spain by Protectapet

 Horse Breeds originating in Spain:-

Andalusian Horse :- Also known as the Pure Spanish Horse or PRE (Pura Raza Espanöla) is a breed of horse that has been recognised as an individual breed going back to the 15th Century. A sub-strain within the breed of Andalusian horses often known as the Carthusian is thought to be the purest but no genetical evidence is available to back this up. 

Asturcòn Horse:- Is classified as a Pony and it comes from the Asturias region of Northern Spain. It was believed to be on the verge of extinction until recently when activist groups have been formed to protect it. 

Burguete Horse:- Another breed on the verge of extinction and comes from the Navarra region of Northern Spain.

Galician Horse:- Another breed of horse from the North Western part of Spain known as Galicia. Apparently it was used as a war horse but is now bred mainly for meat.

Hispano-Arabe Horse:- As the name suggests, this is a horse cross-breed between Arab and Andalsian hoses and has been bred since the 1800´s.

Hispano-Bretón Horse:- Another cross breed of horse between the Andalusian horse with Breton draught horses and can be found in Castile and Lean, Cantabria, the Pyrenees and Catalonia in Northern Spain.

Jaca Navarra Horse:- A horse found in the Northern part of Spain called Navarra and is classified as an endangered species.

Losino Horse:- Another breed in danger of extinction from the northern parts of Spain in Castile de Leon and the Valle de Losa.

Mallorquín:- A horse from Majorca in the Balearic islands of Spain and also an endangered species.

Marismeño:- A rare breed of horse that is near extinction and found in Andalusia in southwestern Spain.

Menorquìn Horse:- found on the island of Menorca in the Balearic Islands and listed as an endangered species and are generally all black. 

Mérens Horse:- Native to the Pyrenees and Ariegeois mountains, considered to be endangered.

Monchino:- From the Cantabria region of northern Spain and more commonly known as the Highlander and is danger of extinction.

Pottok Pony:- Native to the Pyrenees and considered an ancient breed of horse and efforts are being made to safeguard the breed.

Retuerta Horse:- Only found in the Donana National Park in the province of Huelva and Sevilla.

It appears, from the information above, that many of the horses and ponies that originated in Spain or on the Iberian Peninsula are endangered or of serious risk of extinction. From what limited information is available on these horses and ponies, very small groups exist and a few groups are trying to save some of the species. 


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