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Protectapet and some of our customers are familiar with house and pet sitters in Spain, that want someone to look after their pets whilst they are away on holiday, or for those just needing a break. Pet sitting is not a new concept and can often incorporate house sitting as well. This can involve people taking your pets to their own homes and premises and looking after them whilst you are away, similar to being in a Kennels but this method tends to give your pets more, one on one time and the pet sitters can ensure that your pet receives your instructions on how to, and how you want them to look after your pet.

Protecting your pet with pet insurance in Spain.

Pet Insurance is a serious consideration if you are going to be away from your pets for any length of time. Protectapet provide healthcare plans that will cover your pet whether you leave them at home in the care of others or take them with you on your holidays. It is also wise to ensure that you have a third party liability insurance, particulalry if your pet is going to be taken for walks or will be able to leave the premises. Have a look at our NEW Pet Healthcare Diamond Plan. 

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House and Pet Sitting - Spain.

House and pet sitting has become quite popular abroad and it involves looking after the pets and the property of the house owners whilst the owners go on holiday or need to go away for short or longer periods of time.House and pet sitting can be for any length of time as determined by the owners and is often offered free in exchange for the accommodation.

Some pet sitters offer their services as a means of having a vacation themselves and as pet lovers, are quite happy to treat the look after the pets as their own, as well as looking after your house.

Pet Sitters on the Internet & Social Media.

The Internet and social media such as Facebook are a great place to start and will provide you with a great number of choices with online matching services and vetting facilities.

Kennels and Catteries in Spain.

kennels and catteries in spain and europe, protectapet directoryKennels and catteries are plentiful in Spain. You have the opportunity to inspect and view the premises and make your own mind up about the services provided and the costs involved. Some can even offer a facility to view your pets online via webcams located in their Kennels. Protectapet provide healthcare plans that will cover you if you are hospitalised and need to put your pets in Kennels whilst you recover, giving you that peace of mind, knowing that your pet is being well looked after. 

Professional pet sitters

Professional pet sitters can also be found online and these companies will also provide a vetting and matching service so that you have some peace of mind as to the legitimate and professional nature of the Pet and house sitters that are coming into your home. Often these professional house and pet sitters can come to your home and be introduced to your pets, as well as being shown their feeding, dietary, grooming, walking and general daily routines and habits that will make your pets feel more comfortable whilst you are away.

Amateur house and pet sitters

Amateur and professional services are also listed as they do provide and offer similar services to professional pet sitters in Spain and Europe and this is usually for free as they are looking for accommodation in exchange for their services.

pet sitting in Spain, Portugal, Europe. How to pet sit.ProtectapetOne must remember that this concept may be new to your pets and being away can often cause anxiety for owners, pets and the sitters. Make sure you and your pets are comfortable with the sitters and that they receive written or verbal instructions about your pets care. Provide adequate information on your local vet and their location.

Make sure you have Pet Insurance if you are going away for any length of time and in Spain, make sure that you do have third party liability insurance, even if your pet is not considered to be dangerous. Third party liability insurance for pets can often be included in your house insurance policy. Do check, as this is not automatically included unless requested when taking out your house insurance. Dangerous dogs, or dogs that fall within the dangerous dogs breed in Spain will NOT be included in your house insurance policy unless you have specifically asked for it. Some insurance companies in Spain may allow you to add your pets to the policy.

Liability Insurance.

Separate third party liability insurance on dangerous and non dangerous dogs is available for a small premium and it is worth having, as house and pet sitters may take your dogs for walks or to areas they are not familiar with. Legal costs and litigation in the event of an incident or accident in Spain or Europe can be quite expensive.

Does your house insurance cover you?

Many house insurance policies in Spain will include your pet on the house policy to cover you for a nominal third party liability amount. However, this is not automatic, and you will have to have your dog mentioned, and perhaps even supply chip details to have them included on the policy. Protectapet have teamed up with to provide you with inexpensive, quality general insurance products that will save you money. Their house policy, by Liberty Seguros, is one of Spain´s leading products and will provide third party liability for your dogs, usually free, if you have one of their house insurance policies. 

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